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August 19, 2011

Status Report

Another week gone by, another week of battling the recent animation lag that was introduced by the latest Flash Player update.  After talking with Adobe and many other programmers, Titan was finally able to make headway in fixing the damage.  The problem is the fix is very time consuming and will involve a massive overhaul of some critical components, which is why we didn't feel confident in updating this Friday.  With some luck and a few long nights and early mornings, we'll be back on track for another update next week.

Problems like these are about as fun to solve as they are for you to endure, so we appreciate your patience as we deal with them as quickly as possible. 


Old Fortune City

Many years before the war, Fortune City was a small mining colony that quickly grew as work of the Varium boom spread across the galaxy...perhaps too quickly.  Unregulated mining created a massive sinkhole that caused the entire colony to collapse beneath the surface of Delta V, burying thousands of miners and their families with it.

Far below the bustling metropolis of its predecessor, the colony now exists as Old Fortune City, a terrifying reminder of the callous excess of Baelius' reign. 

Old Fortune City

Since it exists outside of the patrols of Legion guards, Old Fortune City is also contains a heavy concentration of Exiles.  It's rumored that the Exile leader's base is deep within the ruins, just below the home of his mortal enemy.


New Weapons!

Here's a taste of the new high level guns and bazookas (varium and credit only!) coming next week to EpicDuel!  Look for them in the newly-opened Old Fortune City! 

New Weapons!


New ED Site!

We've been looking at the websites of competition and we feel it's time to step up our game.   Charfade has been a busy bee painting this beautiful EpicDuel scene for our new website.  




There were several items we hoped to include in this week's balance update, but due to time or oversight were not included.  These changes will be included in an update next to *hopefully* address imbalances remaining among the new and original classes.  Our testers have been battling relentlessly all week and coming up with a comprehensive list of ideas to make balance stronger than ever!  Despite arguments to the contrary, we don't favor any one class, even if certain classes are easier than others.  EpicDuel is at its best with a diverse assortment of opponents!


P.S. It doesn't do anyone any good to berate Cinderella if we miss our mark on updates.  In many cases there are circumstances beyond our control that cause an update to be delayed, and it's hardly her fault.  She's just going based on the information we can provide.  Thanks for your understanding.

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