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August 26, 2022

Shoggoth's Showdown Ends

Shoggoth's Showdown Finalists

Shoggoth's Showdown Tournament has officially ended! Visit Captain Shoggoth to view the final leaderboard and the final winners of this latest test of endurance and skill! All prizes, including the prizes for all participants have been distributed. If you do not see a prize item, you may need to log out then back in again.

Shoggoth's Showdown Finalists


What's Next?

To allow some time for rest and recovery after a grueling dueling session, the final event in our tournament trilogy, Typhoon Terror, will begin Friday September 9 and last through Monday September 12  Tuesday September 13 and last through to Friday September 16. Not interested in tournaments? There will be more exclusive content to enjoy during the tournament downtime!

We've updated the planned tournament time to better accommodate the schedules of EpicDuel's team. Weekend tournaments are fun, but they're much harder to moderate with more limited developer availability. We apologize for this sudden change of plans and any inconvenience it may have caused. Tickets will be available in-game Wednesday August 31 so you can plan accordingly.

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