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August 06, 2015

Power Weekend and Dragonoid Preview


Since there's no major update this Friday, it's time for another EpicDuel Power Weekend! Get double experience and credits all weekend long as you prepare for the return of the Dragonoid! You'll need all the XP and upgrade weapons you can muster to combat the greatest threat Delta V has seen yet!


Dragonoid Preview


In preparation of this event, Guest Artist Bido has crafted some reverse-engineered Dragonoid weapons based on Dravax's technology.


These weapons and much more will be available once the Dragonoid returns to Delta V with a vengeance.


The Difference a Frame Makes


Sometimes the difference between a sweet attack that feels good to use is the placement of a single frame. Gain insights into the animation process of the BioBeasts character the Salamancer in the latest post on the BioBeasts design blog.

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