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January 05, 2011

Gamma Evolution 1.1.3a Release Notes

Did everyone have a pleasant holiday?  I went back up to the Frozen Northrealm, my homeland, and brought back a lovely cold.  Just what I wanted!  Now, you're probably wondering when the next update will be...well...Surprise!  Update!  Today EpicDuel just went live with it's latest, highly requested feature: Multiple Characters!

Players can now add up to SIX characters to a Master Account!  At the moment, this only works with creating new characters, but in the next phase we will add the ability to merge characters created on other Master Accounts into one Master Account, fulfilling it's role as "ONE LOGIN TO RULE THEM ALL."  

Players with multiple characters on a Master Account who purchase Varium will notice that they now have the option to select which character will receive the Varium.

Multiple Character Select!

This is one of those "Big Scary Features" that could break the game wide open and leave a lot of angry players with broken characters, so please please please, if you find any bugs, report them immediately in the BattleOn Forums!

Since we introduced new skills a few weeks ago, we've seen some powerful new builds emerge, many taking advantage of the new skills.  As often happens, the balance got a bit wonky, so we have also made the following balance adjustments:

Shadow Arts: Removed effect on Deflections.

Blood Shield: Extended duration to 5 turns.

Finally, you may notice that the NPCs have become a bit...chatty?  Over the past few days we have been adding clever and intimidating NPC chat.  Some pulled right from player suggestions!

Multiple Character Select!

I think this gives the various characters in the EpicDuel universe a bit more personality, don't you agree?  Stay tuned for news on EpicDuel Gamma 1.1.3b!

Duel On!


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