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August 22, 2019

Nightmare Titan Preview

Nightmare Titan

Greetings and good evening! This is a status report of the latest progress on the upcoming update. Due to a personal emergency beyond my control, the update will need to be delayed until next week. I attempted to cut the intended update to accomodate a smaller mid-week update, but it wasn't possible with the sudden upset in my schedule. This upcoming update is heavy with missions which require the most time to write, implement, and test. I hate to delay again, but a partial update wouldn't be feasible due to the unexpected disruption.


Nightmare Titan

Up to this point, you've had a chance to fight many Nightmare variants of challenging EpicDuel boss NPCs, but you've not yet challenged anyone or anything on the level of Nightmare Titan. This twisted version of Titan will be available to challenge after completing a new mission chain to explore the nature of these Nightmare bosses and earn incredible rewards.


Tyrant Titan

Titan's birthday rares are already available, but he'll soon be stocked with a new batch of weapons guaranteed to complement your collection.


New Achievements

A new boss and new missions mean new achievements to chase the highest tiers of stars!


Unluckiest TLaPD

After completing this latest Nightmare Titan challenge, expect new and returning Pirate-themed gear in addition to the rare Friday the 13th gear and achievement! If you haven't picked up the Kartherax or the Dark Omen Battlegear, you'll soon have an opportunity to add to your collection!


Sorry again for this unexpected delay. I know this is disappointing news, but I'll do my best to make the extra wait worth it!

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