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May 15, 2014

May Madness

New Weapons!

After a small hiatus, EpicDuel Team is back at full-strength. Take a look at some of the spicy dishes we've cooked up for you this week!


Arcade Update

First, you'll want to stop by an ArcadeBot to try a new Arcade Game featuring new weapons from our fantastic new guest artists:

  • Hatred Cuirass
  • Assassin Order
  • Bidoof 
  • Juniu 
  • Vultex

As usual, this game will offer new achievements, a new leaderboard, and come fully-loaded with never-before-seen weapons!


War Progress

The Fortune City War is now pushing past its midpoint. The Exiles are pulling ahead with a commanding lead. The Legion will need to rally to win and hold onto their seat of power! Crazier things have happened.

After the Fortune City War is decided, the next area up for contention will be -- Frysteland. For years, the Legion have held claim to this frigid stronghold, but soon it will be up for contention again and Legion and Exile forces will vie for control once again.

The Fortress Core

Warp Gates

Frysteland Drops
The Attackers will collect Yeti Bait to lure Yetis into jumping through Warp Gates placed around Frysteland to assault the Fortress Core. The Defenders will use Fryste Bombs to destroy the Warp Gates and secure their Core.

Like the Dread Plains War and current Fortune City War, the Frysteland War will offer new prizes, new leaderboards, and the ability to build influence in the region for you and your Faction.


Assuming Direct Control

Rabblefroth is completing a tool that will allow testers to easily alter skills and stats to thoroughly test balance adjustments with minimal dev assistance. This means more thorough and useful balance updates.


New Face of Delta V

Delta V is getting another facelift, this time from the mega-talented Charfade. Be sure to click the little Map button on the main HUD to see it in all it's glory!

Delta V



Lionhart Preview

Check out this new preview from Revontheus of the upcoming Lionhart event: The whole Lionhart family together at last!

Family Portrait

Are you ready to challenge Saeva, Transcendence, and Immanence?


Code Time!

We haven't offered one in awhile so this weekend, we EpicDuel developers will be offering prize codes on Twitter for these new home items designed by Charfade!


Each Dev will offer a code for his or her respective statue. You'll need to follow all of us on Twitter to collect them all!



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