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February 01, 2019

Legendary Artist Challenge

It's a legendary artist fight, but this one won't be fought with pencils or pens.Throw down with LegendaryBido and Legendary Deuce, then take a spin on the new Heartbreaker Hoard Arcade machine!



  • Cyber Hunter
    • Static Charge: 80% damage on strike


War Balance

Earlier today, the Dread War went live, but something was wrong with the damage output. It turns out, the defenders had a damage bonus that was tilting the war in favor of the defenders. This has been corrected and a few effective war rallies could bring the deficit between the Legion and Exiles.


New Arcade!

Have an inventory packed full of Arcade Tokens? Check out the new Heartbreaker Hoard Arcade machine with some unique variations on classic Heartbreaker and Azrael gear in addition to some decorations to help you get in the holiday spirit! Will you be the first to max out the achievement? 


New Legendary Challenges!

Welcome Bido and Deuce back to Delta V by  challenging their new legendary forms to battle! Nothing says, "Welcome back!" like a bazooka to the face! 


Coming Soon!

Check out this preview of upcoming Azrael / Heartbreaker Seasonal Rare as well as Deuce's awesome new armor and Tyrant Tank!

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