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July 03, 2024

Independence Day 2024

EpicDuel Independence Day 2024

Independence Day Arsenal

Visit the Overlord Guard in the Overlord Facility to browse his shop of new seasonal rares created by Bido! These rares are limited quantity so you'll need to act quickly if you want to collect them all!

  • Liberty Slayer P
  • Liberty Slayer E
  • Maple Leaf Slayer P
  • Maple Leaf Slayer E
  • Liberty Guards P
  • Liberty Guards E
  • Maple Leaf Guards P
  • Maple Leaf Guards E
  • Liberty Axe P
  • Liberty Axe E
  • Maple Leaf Axe P
  • Maple Leaf Axe E
  • Liberty Staff P
  • Liberty Staff E
  • Maple Leaf Staff P
  • Maple Leaf Staff E


New Missions

In addition to new seasonal rares, the Overlord Guard is offering a new mission chain, starting with "Dawn of Destiny." This new chain will allow players to turn in new Starlight Shards, earned from PvP wins, to claim the new rares: Dawn of Destiny and Starlight of Destiny.


New Achievement

The Independence Day 6 Achievement has been added to the seasonal section of the achievement shop.


Juggernaut Battle Cap

To combat the exploitation by botters, as of this update we've implemented a cap on Juggernaut wins. After 300 Juggernaut wins, Juggernaut battles will stop offering credits, experience, war drops, and PvP drops. This was done to remove the incentive to use bots accumulate way more wins than any human could possibly achieve.

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