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December 03, 2010

Gamma Evolution 1.1.2a

The holidays are nearly upon us, and to celebrate, last week we reintroduced Frostbane. This week, we will be reintroducing the rest of our holiday rares, plus some brand new level 32 weapons for those players who have evolved a bit since last year. 

Frostbane Returns!!! 


The devastating, legendary sword Frostbane is returning to EpicDuel and it's better than ever! Immediately after the release goes live, those who purchase the 10,000 varium package will receive the coveted blade for a limited time! 

New Holiday Rares!!! 

Holiday Weapons!


New weapons have joined the party! Deck the halls with explosive alien penguins and packages of doom! 

New Home Items!!! 

Home Items!


Homeowners rejoice! Get into the season with a plethora of seasonal house items! 

Credit Option for Item Enhancements! 

Non-Varium users, we have heard your pleas! Thanks to new breakthroughs in item enhancement technology, all items can now be enhanced with Varium OR credits! Yes, you can also enhance partially with Varium and credits in any order. Be advised, the new technology used to enhance weapons without Varium is costly! 

Become a Frost Warrior! 

Frost Warrior!

The mightiest warriors of the season may receive the Frost Warrior achievement, worth a mighty 2500 rating points! 

One Year Anniversary! 
Year of the Dragon 
A year ago at this time, Titan and I were in the underground lab working on the merger with Artix Entertainment, and it's been a wild ride ever since! Without them, the game you see today would not have been possible, so to celebrate, we're offering a "Year of the Dragon" achievement for purchasing ANY varium package after the update goes live. This achievement will be available for a limited time to commemorate the anniversary, so grab it while you can! 

New Features! 

  • New level 32 weapons available from Marauder Hulk, Nightwraith, and Titan! 
  • Holiday rares return from last year! 
  • New holiday home items! 
  • New faction flag emblems! 
  • Credit option for all item enhancements! 
  • Consolidated War event log groups attacks by user and type! 
  • Notifier toggle! 
  • Frost Warrior achievement for 2500 rating points! 

    Bug Fixes! 

  • Fixed error that caused NPCs to change into Light City Guard 
  • Fixed intro battle bug 
  • Fixed error that would prevent Warlord achievement from awarding 
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