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January 30, 2014

Heartbreak at Halftime


Get ready to finally experience EpicDuel's new tutorial system! After much testing and polish, we're finally confident that it's ready for prime-time! Give it a try by testing the "A New World" mission chain and letting us know what you think!

You didn't think that was ALL we'd be releasing, though, did you?



As is the seasonal custom, we will be stocking the Alydroid in Alydriah's Spire in Fortune City with a host of Valentine's rares, including last year's promo items: Azraels' bazookas and sidearms! These items will include the cores so if you missed the promo last year, now's your chance to unleash the awesome power of Azrael! 



The server hamter were upgrade to super-server hamsters...possibly hampster ferrets early this morning. Ideally, this would have happened without much notice, but for reasons beyond our control (and some within our control) the EpicDuel servers were down much long than intended. We should have done a better job preparing you in advance for this outage, and we apologize for that oversight. However, we will do our best to make it up to you with a couple exciting additions this release!


Power Weekend!

To try to make up for the lost dueling time, this weekend, we'll be offering Power Hour all weekend long! Double XP and double Credits! Just log in and play and become a Legend faster than ever! Titan is also making some changes to how Power Hour works to give us more flexibility to do day-long or weekend-long Power Hour events more easily in the future!


Prize Code!

We haven't done one in awhile, so this weekend, we'll be offering new prize code items! Follow our Twitter pages to stay updated with the latest developments on these codes and their availability!


Secret Package Revealed!

That's right! After nearly a year, we'll finally be unwrapping that mysterious Secret Package earned from the Tea and Titan mission. When we go live, the mission item will automatically be converted to the item so you won't need to do anything to unwrap the package! I hope you think the prize was worth the wait!


As of the release Friday, we will be removing the Tea and Titan mission, in addition to the Yeti Trainer missions. Going forward the only way to train up a Baby Yeti or Dark Yeti to an Omega Yeti will be with the Growth Serums purchasable from the yeti trainers in Frysteland.



Rabblefroth is adjusting the matching engine to enable tighter matching for those at the level cap. It should be MUCH harder for a level 40 to match against a level 35. Also, alignment matching will be loosened for faster matching.


The Big Game

In the Achievement shop under the seasonal tab, you can find the Big Game Achievement! Celebrate the excitement of America's most watched sporting event (or most popular commercial viewing and chip eating event if you're me) with this capstone Big Game Achievement. Do you have all of them?



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