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October 26, 2019

Harvest Havoc

Harvest Havoc

A bounty of new weapons, armors, achievements, styles and more await your in this latest EpicDuel update!


New Items!

Visit Deuce is the mysterious Minestation for his latest seasonal creations! 

  • Pumpkin Lord CC
  • Pumpkin Sabre P
  • Pumpkin Sabre E
  • Pumpkin Highbrander P
  • Pumpkin Highbrander E
  • Pumpkin Rip Blades P
  • Pumpkin Rip Blades E
  • Pumpkin Axe P
  • Pumpkin Axe E
  • Pumpkin Staff P
  • Pumpkin Staff E
  • Pumpkin Buster Blaster P (Spreadfire)
  • Pumpkin Buster Blaster E (Spreadfire)
  • Pumpkin Buster Cannon P
  • Pumpkin Buster Cannon E

New Arcade!

Beef up those rating points and spend those Arcade Tokens at the new Harvest Havoc arcade game! Take a spin for a chance to win weapons, home items, and an armor that are not are not stocked in any shop!


Home Decor

Decorate one or all of your homes with new spooky items available now!

  • Seedy Patch Right
  • Super Seedy Patch Right
  • Myx Left
  • Myx Right
  • Seedy Patch Left
  • Super Seedy Patch Left
  • Count Mechula Coffin
  • Ghost Tomb
  • Count Mechula Right
  • Count Mechula Left
  • Count Mechula Emblem


New Styles

Five new styles are now available for each class, some with wild fiery animation! The perfect complement for your spooky seasonal cosplay!



Once again, I forgot the big baseball game happening, so you can grab an updated Big Show 2019 Achievement in celebration! I hope your team scored all the points!



  • Blood Mage:
    • Brutal Strike is now blockable


Heroic Housing 2019

Remember, EpicDuel's Heroic Housing 2019 contest is still underway but nearly at its end! The theme is "holiday harvest" so it's the perfect time to get into the spirit of the season and show off your best decor for the chance to win Epic prizes!

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