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August 25, 2023

Free Varium Bonus

EpicDuel Free Varium Bonus

Balance changes, a Battlepass preview, and free bonus Varium for all in this latest EpicDuel update!

Free Varium

Starting with today's update, all new characters will start with 500 FREE Varium and an additional 5,000 Credits. Existing characters will also receive 500 Varium and 5,000 Credits. Unlike previous Varium giveaways, there is no activity requirement to receive this. Even if your character has collected years of dust, you should still see this bonus in your inventory.


Balance Changes

  • Maximum critical strike rate increased to 50%. Though Crits are never guaranteed, the previous max rate of 20% may have been throttling skills/cores that increased Crit rate beyond that maximum rate %.
  • Field Commander: Removed restriction preventing it from being used with Blood Commander or Chronopact.
  • Fixed stacking issue with +Highest Stat % cores like Flagellation and Feast of Flesh. This means powerful synergies are unlocked with cores such as Feast of Flesh and Flagellation.
  • Chained Blood: Multi use.
  • Feast of Flesh: Reverted to single use due to increased power potential after bug fix.
  • Necrotek Siphon P/E: Re-added use limit. Unlimited heal potential with Rage drain was too powerful.
  • Incensory: Removed Rage gain aspect.
  • Ultra Corsair Crusher P/E: Updated skill functionality to do a mini-Rage of 75% dmg on target's HP and Energy; 15% Stun. Damage type corresponds with Bot's damage type.


Draconic Warlord Battlepass Preview

EpicDuel Draconic Warlord Battlepass

The Cathedral Knight Battlepass is still online, but that doesn't mean we're not preparing the next Battlepass -- this time with a draconic theme! When the current Battlepass ends there will be a brief cooldown before the next goes online, but the goal is to have little delay between the passes to make sure there are still strong incentives for battles and daily logins.

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