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February 24, 2023

Flesh Demigod Returns

Flesh Demigod Arrives

The Flesh Demigod Gear has returned to Azrael! Jump to his haunting lair to browse his loot and complete your collection of Seasonal gear and potent cores! 


Fourteen Year Alpha

A new achievement representing EpicDuel's 14th anniversary is available from the Ultra-Rare section of the Achievement shop. There is also a limited wall home item available to mount the achievement within your home(s).

More anniversary gear will be available next week, including new gear celebrating EpicDuel's earlier development phases!


Anniversary Bonus

For next week's update, as a reward for loyal EpicDuel players, we will be rewarding all characters who have been active since 2020 1,400 Varium! This will be a great opportunity to revisit the game if you've been away for awhile or just want to try the game for the first time with a nice boost of currency! 


Balance Changes

  • Chained Blood: 3 turns → 4 turns; buffs highest stat by 50%.
  • Exsanguinating Shield: Reusable; 5 turn cooldown.
  • Chronopact: Increases Strength by 100% → flat 100 Strength point increase; grants 100% initial Rage gain; 15% damage reduction.


Fixes / Changes

The following achievements have moved from the Ultra-Rare category into the Events category:

  • Daily Gift Champion
  • Legend
  • Supreme Legend 

Additionally, war-themed General and Ultra-Rare achievements have been moved into the War category:

  • World Domination
  • Artillery Master
  • Warlord (most daily war kills)
  • Flag Captured
  • Token Contributor
  • Overlord Operative Order

The Epic Supporter 2022 achievement has been removed from the 10,000 AP Varium packages.



EpicDuel Expanded Resolution

So far over 150 screens have been adjusted for the upcoming resolution update! Progress is rapid, but there is still much to do. In addition to modernizing the aspect ratio and appearance of the game, this massive update will add much needed-breathing room for the many crowded and complex interfaces. The last time something like this was done, EpicDuel had only recently joined the AE family (2009-2010-ish) so it's a change that was long overdue!

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