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January 10, 2014

EpicDuel Legends Part 2

EpicDuel Legends Part 2

Welcome to 2014, EpicDuelists! After a small patch last week, we're ready with our first major update of the new year -- Legendary Points. Players who reached the level cap and beyond have the opportunity to earn Legendary Points to invest in small stat bonuses. For this release, we will be introducing 6 new stat categories:

Legendary Points

This menu is accessible from your stats page. We've designed the system in a way that will allow us to add more stat categories in which to invest in the future. As you can see, these categories must be unlocked before they can be invested in. Points can be redistributed later in a system similar to retraining. These bonuses will give veteran players an edge, but not so much as to become completely imbalanced.


Styles from Beyond

Revontheus delivered yet another batch of awesome Asgardian styles for EpicDuel, along with a spooky moose skull!

More Asgardian Styles

We've made a small change to the female styles released previously. Style 87 will become the "Loki helm" style to match the equivalent male styles, while the current style 87 will become 92. 


Epic Hoarders

The Epic Hoarder achievement promised to those for maxing our their inventories will be awarded this update.


It's not quite as good as having your own reality show, but probably a lot less stressful. At least your EpicDuel items don't attract wild animals (yet)!


Next Week Planning

We've got some big additions and improvements planned for January so here's a sneak-peak of what's coming up:


The Epic Artist Revontheus will finally make his EpicDuel debut, and he's not arriving empty-handed! 

Here's Revvy

Stop by his location for some out-of-this world items and to formally welcome him to the game!


Tutorial Town

Next week we'll also be focusing on EpicDuel's early game experience. This new tutorial will guide new players through the somewhat overwhelming systems of EpicDuel in an imformative, fully-interactive tuturial.


In this new zone, players will learn battle basics like how to initiate a duel, the difference between energy and physical damage, and how to switch different weapon types.


If you already know the ropes, you can opt out of the tutorial and join the community in Central Station, but there will be an achievement for completing this mode!

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