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February 10, 2012

Drop Addendum

Drop Addendum

I would like to take this opportunity to address some questions I've been seeing about the new PvP drop system.

For this first iteration of the system, we will be releasing primarily low level weapons. Why add weak, lowbie items? EpicDuel is attracting more players than ever, but EpicDuel is a very, very complex game. Many players may duel for hours and not even realize that they can equip items like guns and bazookas, or that their default weapon can be sold for a new, shiny implement of doom. This drop system will make those first confusing few battles more exciting to new players and make it easier for players who are on a losing streak to reverse their fortunes.

Don't fret if you don't have any use for these weapons. You will still be able to sell them back for credits, and Titan has created a system that will be robust enough to offer hundreds of potential drop items for players of all levels to enjoy.


Hidden Arcade

One of the advantages of having a feature-rich, complex game like EpicDuel that we have THOUSANDS of lines of code that we can potentially improve upon or recycle. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes this is impossible and requires the old code to be thrown away and rewritten. In this case, we were able to use much of the old arcade code to help us build the PvP drop system. It doesn't work exactly like the arcade, but there are many similarities.

You may notice that the arcade pods scattered across Delta V were deactivated or removed from many screens. This was done because had to remove the old arcade code to make way for the new PvP drop system. The advantage is now there is no limit to the prizes we can offer, and all the chances to win will be completely FREE!

This also means that the prizes of the Hoverbike and Assault bot will be reassigned to the PvP drop system in the next update.


Where's Raymus?

Because the PvP drops have eaten up so much of our time, we didn't have enough left over to implement our housing changes. This means that Mr. Alexander will be sidelined until next week.




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