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January 20, 2011

Gamma Evolution 1.1.3c Release Notes

Enter: Charfade Part Duex

Last week we introduced you to the space-faring engineer Charfade and her limited quantity shop.  In a very short amount of time, she sold out of her entire inventory, much to the surprise of all of use.  This week her shop will be restocked with new limited quantity weapons and a sweet new ride, the Charfade Cruiser!

Small But Tough!

Although she's still new to Delta V, Charfade has learned quickly that it is essential to always be prepared for battle.  Over the past week, she has enhanced her armor to withstand combat and enhance her own fighting skills.  She may be small, but she sure packs a punch!  Knock her out and receive her helmet as a prize!

Charfade Cruiser VRRRRROOOOOM!

Yarrrr! Thar Be Treasure!

One thing EpicDuel has always been lacking compared to other RPGs is a way to designate an item's rarity.  Some people play to socialize, some play win, and others play to collect the shinies!  Last week we introduced a rarity scale, and this week we have expanded it to include ULTRA-RARE items.  Do you have one?  

If you're curious as to the value of your rares, talk to Charfade in Fortune City, who can now tell you your inventory's Rarity Score.  This score makes you eligible for a new Treasure Hunter achievement, and potentially a place on our new Rare Hunter Leaderboard!

Treasure YARRRRR!

We know that staff accounts tend to have some crazy rare weapons as a reward for helping us moderate and build the game, so to be fair, we have restricted the leaderboard to exclude staff accounts, Titan and myself included.  Staff can still receive their Rarity Score, but will not be posted on the leaderboard.


In-game Master Account Creation!

Wow!  More Master Account stuff!  I know this may not seem exciting to some, but the process of simply registering a Master Account is something we have worked tirelessly to improve since we first merged with AE.  Now, thanks to some epic sorcery from Titan and Captain Rhubarb, players can finally create a Master Account without leaving EpicDuel!  Convenient ++

Master Account

Legendary Duelist!!!

I would like to take a moment here to congratulate our hardest-fight duelist, and first and second EpicDuel players to achieve the rank of LEGEND!


Congratulation to Fay Beee (1st) and BLUEBIRD NO 1 (2nd) for climbing their way to over 100,000 victories!  This status is so rare, that it won't even be visible until we go live which is why I want to congratulate them here and wish them many more successful duels!


Balance Update!

In this latest update, we have made the following balance adjustments:

Deadly Aim: 20 Support at lvl 1, +2 per level 
Shadow Arts: 20 Support at lvl 1, +2 per level 
Blood Lust: 20 Technology at lvl 1, +2 per level 


HeroMart Update!

EpicDuel shirts are on their way!  Soon you will be able to order a shirt featuring the logo of your favorite browser-based PvP Flash MMO (it's not a big list, but we'll take it!).  In addition to receiving an awesome shirt to give yourself a major coolness buff, by entering the included promo code you'll also receive the EpicThreads achievement in EpicDuel and unlock the Cyber Hunter armor in AQW.  

We were thinking about doing a t-shirt armor in EpicDuel, but we concluded that it might not offer the best stats for climbing the leaderboards!  As the disclaimer says:
IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE:  While wearing the EpicDuel shirt you may feel a sudden urge for battle.  Please note the EpicDuel t-shirt will not withstand bullets, knifes, bazookas, robots, plasma, aliens, space lasers, or artillery rounds.

Please stay tuned to these DNs and HeroMart's Twitter for further updates!

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