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January 13, 2011

Gamma Evolution 1.1.3b Release Notes

Enter: Charfade

EpicDuel is proud to welcome the mysterious, talented, space-faring engineer from a distant world (also the newest member of the team), Charfade!  Stranded on Delta V, she has decided to spend most of her time tinkering with the planet's unusual technology.  She will be appearing in the heart of Fortune City offering her latest creations to lucky players who manage to grab them before they're gone.  

Introducing Charfade

George Lowe's Space Warrior Armor!

Even with her limited supplies, Charfade was still able to create a limited number of copies of George Lowe's Space Warrior Armor!  She even fixed the vulnerability to frost weapons!  This unique armor is "one size fits all", meaning it can be equipped to any gender or class!  Act fast, because once they're gone, only Charfade knows whether or not more will be created.

Space Warrior Armor!

Legion Arena!

Another change you'll notice is that George Lowe has moved to his rightful place in Legion Arena, now completely constructed in the middle of Fortune City.  George Lowe is still challenging players to take him down, but who knows what other powerful characters will enter the arena to give players an even greater challenge?

Legion Arena

Guest Login!

One of our focuses for the new year is making it easier for new players to get into EpicDuel.  One major step towards that is a new Guest Login feature.  Plays can now instantly create a character and join the fray without creating an account!  However, no progress (experience, wins, credits, items, etc...) will be saved on Guest accounts, so to take advantage of all of EpicDuels features, we still encourage players to create a real Master Account once they decide EpicDuel is sufficiently awesome.

Guest Login

HeroMart Update!

Speaking of limited quantity shops, I have just received news that our EpicDuel shirts will arrive next week and go on sale as soon as next weekend.  In the meantime, the existing inventory in HeroMart is rapidly depleting.  Here is a list of the current items still in stock:

150 Calendars

30 Twillies

10 Sm ChickenCow

10 Med ChickenCow

5 XL Shirts

20 2XL Shirts

20 3XL

Stay tuned for further update on the first run of EpicDuel merch!

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