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August 03, 2023

Cathedral Knight Battlepass is NOW LIVE

Cathedral Knight Battlepass Now Live

The Cathedral Knight Battlepass is LIVE! Login now to earn the latest collection of spring/knight-themed weapons, armors, vehicles, morphs, bots, cores, and more crafted with care by Acatriel! 

Good luck and happy dueling to reach level 60 of EpicDuel's latest Battlepass season!

Cathedral Knight Battlepass


Other Changes!

In addition to the new Battlepass, we've introduced features and content including new achievements, expanded inventory cap, and more!

  • Inventory cap increased to 1520 with new achievements
    • Superior Legendary Hoarder
    • Apex Legendary Hoarder
    • Omega Legendary Hoarder
  • Class Change, Gear Retrain, and Skill Retrain Coupons sellable. Sellback price may vary depending on source (mission reward, Battlepass reward, battle drop, et...)

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