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April 22, 2022

Bunny Bounty 2022

This week we have a bounty of new items created by artist Deuce/Tomcat as well as come new CC variants of popular classic seasonal gear.


Bunny Bounty

New bunny/spring-themed items are now available at Brachylagus in the Biological Preserve region.

  • Bunny Berserker Blade P
  • Bunny Berserker Blade E
  • Bunny Berserker Pincers P
  • Bunny Berserker Pincers E
  • Bunny Berserker Hatchet P
  • Bunny Berserker Hatchet E
  • Bunny Berserker Staff P
  • Bunny Berserker Staff E
  • Easter Edge P CC
  • Easter Edge E CC
  • Bunny Bane P CC* (This will go permantely rare after they leave the shop)
  • Bunny Bane E CC* (This will go permantely rare after they leave the shop)

Next week we're planning a large balance overhaul with a particular focus on Cyber Hunters. These balance changes will be necessary as we prepare for the next tournament (date TBA): The Hunters' Festival!

Tags: Nightwraith


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