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February 14, 2013

Break Some Hearts

...or eat them!

This week, celebrate Valentine's Day, EpicDuel style! In addition to returning Heartbreaker seasonal rares at the Alydroid (now relocated to Frysteland), we are introducing a new Varium package with 4 new Azrael weapons: a physical and energy version of Azrael's Anguish (sidearm) and Azrael's Annihilator (auxiliary). Crafted by otherworldly engineers, these devastating weapons of warfare come equipped with new active skill cores.

Azrael Weapons 

The sidearms come with Azrael's Will, which overwhelms the target with an uncontrollable urge to strike with a normal attack. This gives the owner of the sidearm an opportunity to block and avoids guaranteed unblockable damage from skills and weapons.

The auxiliaries come with Azrael's Torment, which devastates opponents with a blast of corrupting energy that diminishes the effectiveness of buffs.

Take that!

These weapons are only available with the 10k Varium package.

Again, the old rares will be returning (along with some new additions!) to the Alydroid relocated to Alydriah's Spire in Frysteland.

Three is a crowd

Remember these?


Rare Proposal

With the new promo package we will be trying a new rarity/availability paradigm. Starting with the Azrael gear, promotional package items will only be available through the 10k Varium package upon their introduction to the game. However, they would be tagged and seasonal and be available in game the next time that season comes around. This means that the new Azrael gear will only be available with the new promotional package this year, but next year it will appear in game as a seasonal rare.

Development phase promotions would be exempt from this paradigm since development phases are not seasonal. This means that the Omega gear will never be available in-game.


Compensation Clarification

As mentioned in previous Design Notes, those with enhancements on items in their inventory prior to Omega received 30% of their spent enhancement Varium and 10% of their spent enhancement Credits. However, we did not make it clear that your enhanced weapons would retain their original resale value as if they still had enhancements equipped at the normal 15% sellback rate.

Mathematically, this means if you spent 1000 Varium purchasing an item and 1000 Varium enhancing it, your total Varium sellback would be 300 rather than 150 Varium.


AQW Alpha Omega

The Omega release was so big, it has spilled into AQW. Become a PvP champion and tear the toughest monsters asunder with the mighty Alpha Omega class. Look for a complete writeup soon in the AQW Design Notes!

The beginning and end...

More to Come

Also, we are adding a plethora of bug fixes and balance adjustments which will be covered in detail in the patch notes!

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