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February 22, 2019

Azrael's Buff

Azrael's Evolution

A voice cries out from the Void. It screams "BUFF ME!" We answer, "Oh...Ok." This update sees a substantial buff to the skills of Azrael's Evolution promo pack in addition to a huge blast from the past you probably thought you'd never see again in EpicDuel!



In response to player feedback, we've buffed the damage from the promotional cores to make them worth the sacrifice of precious HP for the boost to damage output. We've also made some adjustments to class skills, including an change that could make Intimidate a much saucier skill for Mercenaries and Blood Mages!

  • AOE Skills and cores multi-hit damage increased to 85%
  • Feast of Flesh: Spend 125 HP to increase top Stat 20%, Crit %, and Rage
    • Boosts Rage 50% on initial use
  • Blood Bullets: Spend 80 HP for 135% sidearm damage
  • Mercenary and Blood Mage:
    • Intimidate: In addition to debuffing strength, it debuffs Rage gain % by the same value
  • Cyber Hunter:
    • Static Charge returned to 100% damage



Step into the Afterlife with a partner and challenge the Legendary Void King for the battle of your life (or unlife)!

  • 2v1 Boss Legendary Void King
    • Legendary Void King Slayer Achievement



In desperate need of energy? Temporarily sacrifice some armor for a full tank with this potent new active armor core available from Endless M4tr1x.

  • Spirit Meld: Sacrifice Armor Defense and Resistance for 5 turns for full Energy
    • Disables Defense and Resistance from Armor
    • Additional -15% Defense and Resistance to user

As a blast from the past, the Health and Energy Packs and Boosters have returned to Vendbots and Valestra! The Health Packs and Boosters are affected by Heal modifiers like Critical Heal and the Medical Mastery Legendary Skill.

  • Health Pack x25: Increase Health 150 Points
  • Health Booster x25: Increase Health 250 Points
  • Energy Pack x25: Increase Energy 250 Points
  • Energy Booster x25: Increase Energy 250 Points
  • Health Booster: Increase Health 250 Points
  • Energy Booster: Increase Energy 250 Points
  • Generator x25 price change to 2500 Credits or 195 Varium



Need a boost to your Rating Points and have a few credits to spare...or a few million? Give yourself a belated Valentine by with the new upgradeable Tiny Heart Achievement!

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