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August 18, 2023

Arcade Token Exchange

Arcade Token Exchange

Arcade Tokens burning a hole in your pocket, but you're burned out on ArcadeBots? Now, you can undertake easy missions to quickly exchange your Tokens for mountains of Credits!


Arcade Token Exchange

After years of Gifting events, PvP drops, and mission rewards, many players have an absolutely shocking amount of Arcade Tokens. Many have requested the ability to sell Arcade Tokens, however, in testing we found that because there were so many different sources for acquiring Tokens (drops, gifts, Varium, etc...) it wasn't possible to allow direct sellback for a consistent Credit price. To work around that limitation, we're offering 5 new mission chains (1 permanent, 4 daily) to allow players to cleanly exchange their Tokens. 

  • Permanent Missions
    • Arcade Token Buyback (Valestra) - Awards Arcade Token Redeemer Achievement.
  • Daily Missions
    • Arcade Amnesty (Valestra)
    • Token Transaction (Valery)
    • Dead Token Redemption (The Lawman)
    • Coins for Charon (Snork)

While not as clean and concise as direct sellback, these missions should allow many players to efficiently reduce their Token surplus. If we can find a solution to the sellback problem in the future, we'll make the adjustment accordingly.


Bank Space Buff

Running out of space to store the latest Battlepass weapons? The Bank space cap has been increased from 2020 to 10,020, which should last quite a long time for even the most hardcore collectors!



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