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April 09, 2013

Arborgeddon on the Horizon

Spring is officially here and Delta V is unusually peaceful. The bunnies have their eggs...er fuel containment pods so they can formally begin work on their new spaceship and plan another daring escape. Alydriah has been expelled from Frysteland by the mysterious force known as The Endless and the Krampus people, although still under Legion rule, no longer live in fear of extermination squads. It would seem that the vicious wars of the past are all but distant memories. However, on Delta V, calm is the perfect environment for evil to thrive.

Get it?

Something wicked is stirring in the Biological Preserve deep, deep within the forbidding jungles. Bio Hazards, once the top of the food chain, are being snatched up by the dozens. The Archivists have an idea of who is responsible:



This renegade Archivists oversaw the care of the plant life in the Biological Preserve. For years, it worked to restore the flora across Delta V to undo the damage caused by Baelius' aggressive mining operations. Davarril was able to make great strides in advancing the evolution of Delta V plants, making them resistant to radiation, extreme temperatures, industrial toxins, and, most importantly, he made them smart!


Unfortunately, one particular strain was little too smart...a little too devious. This plant overwhelmed Davarril's mind set the wayward Archivist on the path of destroying all animal life on Delta V. Archivists are sworn to preserve life, but the clever plant was able to convince its host that it could preserve plantlife only by destroying all animals...or by mutating them into animal/plant hybrids!

Hazard Suit

To combat this deadly new threat, you'll need equipment specially designed for handling such situations. A new war is brewing in the Biological Preserve, and it will be up to you and your friends to stop it from spreading!

Since we need extra time for development, this event will not be going live this week, but we will keep you updated with our progress along the way!


Reporting for Duty!

Last week and earlier today, we rolled out with a brand new reporting feature. Our Mods are now able to receive and investigate reports more efficiently than ever, but we need your help to make sure we have the best possible quality for reports. We just added new Mods to our roster, but even they can't be everywhere at once!

To report someone outside of battle, click on his or her character and click the report icon. This will open a pop-up box that will ask you to select your reason for reporting and a brief description of the offense. Please provide good details in your report or we may not be able to take action. Also remember that inappropriate comments in a report are frowned upon and can get you in trouble!


To report someone in battle, click the check box next to the word "Reporting." This will turn the little bubble next to each player's name into a report icon.  


Click the report icon next to the offender's name to bring up a pop-up box. Select a reason for the report and enter a brief, but detailed description of the offense. Please refrain from reporting someone just to spite them for outperforming you in battle.


With your help, we can make EpicDuel a clean, safe, and fun environment for everyone for years to come!

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