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April 18, 2011

AQW Battle Card Game Released!

AdventureQuest Worlds Card Game!

That's right!  The AdventureQuest Worlds: The Anything-Goes Battle On Battle Card Game is in stores now and ready for purchase!  Specifically, Toys-R-Us store in the US and HeroMart for everyone else!   

AQW Battle Cards!

But what else do I get with this amazing battle card game?  You know, aside from a box of cards (it's a really nice box, too!).  Well, you'll also unlock the exclusive CARD CLASHER CLASS in AQW! 

Each box includes a code that unlocks a shop full of exclusive, in-game collector’s items inside the hit MMO, AdventureQuest Worlds

Card Clasher Class

The code unlocks

  • Card Clasher Class
  • Card Clasher Weapon
  • Card Clasher Cape
  • ... bonus mystery item that we have not created yet but will because we do not have long before the game is in stores!!!! (Draw faster J6!)
  • More to be revealed in the AQW design notes!

Card Clasher Class

Do you like dueling?  Do you like cards?  Do you like free stuff?  Well, what are you waiting...oh, it's not out yet.  Well, you can still get excited!  Who wants to get excited with me?  Anyone?



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