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January 17, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.1


  • Revontheus NPC added to Valestra’s Arcade
  • 36 New items now for sale at Revontheus
  • Nulgath Bike moved to Revontheus from Caden
  • 5 new Winter rares added to Hank in Frysteland
  • NPC changes
    • NPCs now grant experience at all levels. NPCs lower than your level grant less experience.
    • NPC wins are now tracked if the fight granted experience and Credits
    • Several NPCs have had their levels changed to fill level gaps
  • Losses
    • We feel that publicly showing losses and win percentages can discourage players from battling or trying new builds. We’ve also opted to not track NPC losses since we want NPCs to be a very low-stress environment where you can freely experiment without feeling obligated to win every time.
    • Losses are no longer shown when viewing another player’s stat page
    • Win percentage is no longer shown on win-based leaderboards
    • Losses against NPCs are never displayed to encourage build testing


  • Zeuszooka seems a tad bit of space from back. With petite armors more visible


  • Static Grenade 
    • Static Grenade is currently draining a bit too much energy at once. The energy gain effect felt about right, so we increased the percentage to keep it about even.
    • Lowered base energy drain to 95-220 from 100-250
    • Energy gain increased to 35% from 30%
  • Toxic Grenade
    • Toxic Grenade was a little too spammable in the case of the opponent cleansing the poison, so we’re increasing the cooldown; we also want the initial damage to feel meaningful so we increased the damage there.
    • Increase initial damage to 85% from 70%
    • Increase cooldown to 2 from 1
  • Venom Strike
    • Poison damage increased by 10 at all levels
  • Assimilation
    • Lowered base energy drain to 70-150 from 70-170
  • Battery Backup
    • Lowered base energy gain to 190-325 from 200-350
  • Plasma Bolt
    • Tech Mages are outperforming the other classes at every level; we want to bring them more in line across the board by lowering the damage on their main spell.
    • Lowered damage by 15 at all levels
  • Blood Commander
    • Blood Commander feels a bit lackluster in general, so we’re giving it a bit of a boost, especially to the amount of lifesteal.
    • Increased Strength by 2 at all levels
    • Increase lifesteal percent to 60% of Strength gain from 40%
  • Intimidate
    • Intimidate is another skill that feels a bit underpowered, so we’re giving it a lowered Energy cost and nudging up the effect.
    • Lowered Energy cost to 95-230 from 100-280
    • Increased Strength debuff by 2 at all levels
  • Hybrid Armor
    • Increased buff by 10% at all levels
  • Field Commander
    • Along with Blood Commander, we felt this skill needed to be a bit stronger to justify its use.
    • Increased Strength gain by 5 at all levels
  • Blood Shield
    • Blood Shield has long been a skill that is hard to justify using in most cases. A flat Health cost at all levels keeps the cost reasonable, and we’ve increased the effect to make it more useful in general.
    • Change to flat health cost
    • Increase base Resistance gain to 50-150 from 40-130
    • Now improves by +1 every 4 Support
  • Frenzy
    • Frenzy wasn’t quite granting enough Health to feel as satisfying as we wanted, and Tactical Mercenaries were lacking in tools to ignore a target’s defense.
    • Added 10% defense ignore
    • Removed Club requirement
  • Fireball
    • Blood Mages are currently underperforming at most levels, this should give them a general boost in power.
    • Increased damage by 10 at all levels
  • Smoke Screen
    • We wanted to pull some of the free high level power from Smoke Screen given how well Bounty Hunters scale with this skill.
    • Slowed stat scaling to +1 every 5 Tech from every 4 Tech



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