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December 24, 2013

Legendary Patch Notes - 1.5.42


  • Maximum level has been increased to 40
  • Experience curve has been smoothed out and total experience required to reach maximum level has been reduced
  • New Legendary Mode
    • You may now gain experience beyond the level cap, granting Legendary ranks.
    • In a future release, Legendary ranks will grant you points to spend in new areas to further customize and strengthen your character
  • New 10k Varium Pack Blood Hawk Battlegear Bundle
    • 2 Blood Hawk Slayer swords
    • 2 Blood Hawk Battlegear mutating weapons
    • 2 Blood Hawk bots
  • Davarril, Elite Yeti and Black Abyss Spider have a chance to drop gems (Flawed, Normal, Imperfect) upon defeat
  • Daily mission chain battle requirements reduced -- easier to earn an Arcade Token
  • New icon-only display option for Achievements panel
  • Numerous interface changes to the stats panel to improve clarity and readability
  • Stats panel now shows the current player’s equipped gear
  • 6 new Artix-themed Arcade games with new items from various AE games
  • 30 Asgardian styles



  • All Health, Energy, Damage, Defense, and Resistance values have been multiplied by 10 
    • This gives us much greater flexibility in future balance updates
    • Every stat point will now give noticeable improvements to your character
  • Removed damage ranges from all skills that used them (examples: Bunker Buster, Supercharge)
  • Static Grenade
    • Steals 30% of the energy drained, down from 50%
    • Energy drain now scales off Support instead of Technology
  • Plasma Bolt
    • Energy cost increased to 150 from 130
    • Stat scaling lowered to 2.5 damage every 1 Tech, down from 2.85
  • Berserker
    • Energy cost lowered to 240 from 270
  • Adrenaline
    • Rage gain increased by 10% at all levels


  • Fixed
    • 1. Click on your buddy list and select any buddy (does not have to be online)
    • 2. Click the home icon to view the buddy's homes. You must view the homes through the buddy list, and not by the home icon on the bottom of the screen
    • 3. Fortune City Efficiency is being sold to the left of your buddy's homes. Click the "Claim Home Free" button and a confirmation will show up saying "Are you sure you want to claim the Fortune City Efficiency for FREE?"
    • 4. Click "Claim Home" when this confirmation shows up and an error message appears: "unable to purchase home, please try again later!"
  • Fixed Botanical Borg Attack skill name was missing
  • Deposit button is visible while not banking
    • 1. Enter house
    • 2. Click on bank bot
    • 3. Click on "View Items"
    • 4. Exit bank bot but stay in house
    • 5. Click on inventory icon (bagpack)
    • 6. Instead of equipped items you see "Deposit Item" button
  • Arcade and Ultra-Rare Achievements were sometimes not displaying properly
  • Epic Stylist achievement could sometimes show the incorrect tier and progress
  • Typos
  • Wasteland War Points total showing incorrectly

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