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October 15, 2013

Need Account Help?

Make Sure to Use the Help Pages!

Player Support is the first line of defense whenever you have ANY issue, be it payment, account, technical, or game-related, and we personally read EVERY email sent to us. We’re a small team, but we are MIGHTY in our power to help solve your problems and make sure you enjoy our games as much as possible!

The Player Support team is made up of:

  • Nythera, head of Player Support
  • Zazul
  • Neveya
  • and Lady Tomo
  • Stratos helps too, when he has time!

Where Else to Get Help?

You should only email the Help Pages! For us to help you in the best and fastest way possible, we NEED you to use them, not Twitter, Facebook, or the forum!

If you post on Twitter, Facebook, or the forum, that just means our team members need to redirect you to the Help Pages anyways! (It's also very easy for our team members to miss your important posts on social networking sites, because sometimes they need to sleep.)

 Using the Help Pages right from the start means we can start helping you confidentially and directly as soon as we read your email. (Remember, because real people read each email we get, it may take between 1-3 business days to respond!)

Where ARE the Help Pages?

You can find them linked on each of our game websites!

Account Safety Tips

There’s nothing I enjoy less than a stolen account. I’m sure you feel the same way - who wouldn’t?! So here are some tips to help keep your account safe and out of the hands of thieves.

  • Never share your account with anyone! Not even a friend. Every person who knows your password makes your account less secure.
  • Use a secure password! Use oth letters AND numbers, use both upper and lower case, and make sure your password is at least 8 characters long.
  • Confirm your email with us! This makes sure your email can’t be changed without your permission.
  • Never enter your account name and/or password into any site or email that isn’t owned by Artix Entertainment!

We Don't Want to Ban or Mute You!

We have rules in place to help keep ALL our players safe and having fun in AQWorlds! Make sure you follow the rules so you don't have your account muted, banned, or disabled! Not sure if something's ok to do? Review the rules!

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March 04, 2013

A Letter from Nythera, Head of Player Support

Hey there EpicDuelists! Getting your account scammed or "hacked" is a terrible fear for many players, but it's actually a highly preventable matter if the proper precautions are taken. We have a very special guest in EpicDuel's Design Notes today to level up your knowledge about account security: Nythera

Dear EpicDuel players,

Nythera here. As many of you know, not only am I an awesome half-dragon Void Mage, I am also Head of Player Support for Artix Entertainment! That means I'm one of the people helping to protect YOU from scam/phishing sites. I work on getting all the harmful webpages taken down that hurt our game and threaten YOUR account! 

Not sure what I'm talking about? Read on!

How to Keep Your Account Safe

NEVER give your username or password to anyone! Not even to us. We won't ask for it because WE don't need it to help you! How to Keep Your Account Safe

  • Never share your account with anyone!
  • Use a secure password!
  • Confirm your email address with us! 
  • DO NOT trust any other sites or emails except official AE sites/emails. 

For more information on how to keep your account secure, see our Account Safety Help Page! It's designed for AQWorlds, but the general rules still apply to EpicDuel!

What sites are NOT safe, and Why?

Any site not owned by AE which asks you to enter your account information. We do not own them and we will never use them. Examples of popular scam sites are: 
Yola.com (yolasite), Weebly.com, Jimbo.com, dot.tk, webs.com, fordeon.com, jigsy.com, etc. 

The ONLY sites you should enter your account information on are:

What Should You Do If You Find a Site Like This?

Email us using this email form, please!. We will do our best to get them taken down, but it's impossible to find all of them, so we need YOU to help!


Beware of Scams from Email/FaceBook/Twitter

We will never contact you from a gmail.com or yahoo.com email address. The ONLY official email addreses we use are battleon.com addresses. 

Scammers use FaceBook or Twitter to steal accounts, too. Check our official EpicDuel and AE team FaceBook/Twitter accounts to see who is talking to you. 


What Sites are Dangerous?

Sites that promise FREE STUFF to steal your account information! Scam sites say they'll give you free Varium, upgrades, or items IF you give them your game or email login information.


Private Servers, Bots, and Trainers are Illegal!

Private servers are versions of EpicDuel made with stolen art/code. Bot/Trainer programs are created by people looking to cheat. Both have ways to steal your account information. Never download bot/trainer programs or login to a private server using your EpicDuel account information!

Botting or creating private servers can get your account banned. 

Thank You For Your Support!

I would like to thank all of you who play and support our games legitimately. Remember: you can always email us if you have a question about anyone contacting you! And by not scamming, hacking, phishing, or trying to steal from other players, it makes YOU one of the greatest Heroes on Delta V! 

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