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December 11, 2012

Not Quite Yeti

Not Quite Yeti

Greetings EpicDuelists! This morning we had a mega meeting and discussed our progress on Omega. Everything is looking really good and once it's done, I'm 1000% confident it will be the greatest EpicDuel phase ever. However, we were also faced with the realities of being corporeal organisms bound to the laws of physics and biology. Basically, we realized that even working 16-20 hour days every day we would not be able to release Omega in a finished state by Friday. I regret to inform you that the official date for Omega is being pushed back to Thursday December 20th. This was not a decision we arrived at lightly, but a Friday goal simply was not possible. We figured it was better to tell you now rather than at 3 AM Saturday morning. At the very least, this means you'll have a bit longer to complete the mission and collect the items that are going rare when Omega launches.


Return to Frysteland

Recently, on the developer server, we revamped the Frysteland screens. The artillery shells and craters have been swept away but the punishment of the Krampus people and their innocent Yetis endures. For Omega, you'll be able to travel to Alydriah's new Winter palace, built upon the remains of the old Exile fortress, and Titan's Peak, a mysterious addition to the Frysteland skyline that suddenly became visible this year. Could this signal the end of the world? Have the gods finally descended up the cursed world of Delta V to pass final judgment? Find out when Omega goes live December 20th!

 Return to Frysteland

You will also be able to meet a Yeti Trainer. These beast maters can help you evolve your Yeti to the next level, but it won't be easy! A strong Yeti requires a strong master, so you'll need to hone your battle skills before these trainers deem you worthy of a more powerful Yeti. Rumor has it that there's a shortcut to this process. Maybe Titan knows something about it?

Train your yeti!

For the latest Omega updates, be sure to check out our Twitter pages, available from the sidebar on the left side of this page. If you have some Omega suggestions or questions, join the discussion in the EpicDuel forums! 

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