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February 25, 2022

Azrael Preview

Flesh Demigod Available Now

Fixes First

Spider was back at work in the Exile lab helping us fix some longstanding, super-annoying bugs. 

  • Color Blast's effect Egg Rain now applies on all actions that involve a Melee Strike. This was how the skill was originally designed to function but lacked the development time to fully realize. This change should give the skill a huge upgrade.
  • Fixed multi-attacks not respecting damage reduction rules. 
  • Fixed ally linking trying to join juggernaut rooms.


PvP Drop Upgrade

Home item drops are now available for all battle modes!


New Achievement

The Thirteen Year Alpha achievement is now available at the achievement shop! Grab the badge to celebrate 13 years of EpicDuel!


Coming Soon

Boss Battles:

Hot off his amazing Flesh Demigod collection, Acatriel has been hard at work on Azrael and Acatriel Bosses for your dueling pleasure! 

Azrael Approaches

Spring Sale:

Starting midday on Monday February 28th, we will be adding 6,000 bonus Varium to the 10,000 AP Varium-only pack, providing you with a total of 18,000 Varium. Those who purchase the package earlier in the day will receive the same deal. The Flesh Demigod item package will not receive the bonus.


Balance Revamp:

It's been awhile since we updated the skill / core balance. Look for some community-suggested changes in next week's update!


New Player Quality of Life:

One area that will be very important to focus on is the experience for new players. EpicDuel can be a very intimidating game for new and returning duelists and we're brainstorming some potential solutions to help ease players into the hostile, complex world of Delta V. Many of these features, such as robust NPC AI and improved character select UI will benefit players old and new. This is an ongoing project spread out over the next few weeks and probably one of the most important areas of focus if EpicDuel is going to have an amazing 2022 and onward.

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February 21, 2022

EpicDuel 1855 Hotfix

EpicDuel has been updated with a hotfix addressing some bugs and implementing new security measures.

Fixes and Changes

  • Juggernaut exploit patch.
  • Improved packet handling to prevent frequent kicks for performing actions too quickly.
  • Exsanguinating Stomp: no longer freezes battle when locked down by skills like Tentacle Prison.
  • Exsanguinating Spears:  100% damage. Gain 30% lifesteal against target for 2 turns.
  • Poison Barbs: Damage based on Auxiliar damage instead of Primary.
  • Minor Chairman’s Fury: Steals 35% Rage 50% like the regular version.
  • Tremor Blast: the debuff to Deflection only applies to chance to Deflect or be Deflected, not Deflection damage %
  • Super War items unsellable to address Varium exploit.

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February 18, 2022

Flesh Demigod Arrives

Flesh Demigod Arrives

Flesh Demigod Gear

Today's update introduces a new promotional pack with an unprecedented amount of gear. Acatriel worked hard to help pack so much content into one promo, and we hope you'll treasure this arsenal for the countless duels ahead.

  • Auxiliary:
    • Flesh Demigod Flamethrower P (Suggested by Machaon)
    • Flesh Demigod Flamethrower E (Suggested by Machaon)
    • Flesh Demigod Cannon P
    • Flesh Demigod Cannon E
  • Sidearms:
    • Flesh Demigod Blaster P
    • Flesh Demigod Blaster E
  • Mutating:
    • Flesh Demigod Destroyer P
    • Flesh Demigod Destroyer E
  • Swords:
    • Flesh Demigod Reaper P
    • Flesh Demigod Reaper E
    • Flesh Demigod Excalibur P (Suggested by Machaon)
    • Flesh Demigod Excalibur E (Suggested by Machaon)
    • Flesh Demigod Bane P
    • Flesh Demigod Bane E
    • Flesh Demigod Broken Bane P
    • Flesh Demigod Broken Bane E
  • Armors:
    • Flesh Demigod Armor
    • Flesh Demigod Armor CC
    • Flesh Demigod Prototype
      Flesh Demigod Prototype CC
    • Flesh Demigod Obliterator
    • Flesh Demigod Obliterator CC
    • Flesh Demigod Eradicator (Click heart to animate)
    • Flesh Demigod Eradicator CC (Click heart to animate)
  • Bots:
    • Flesh Demigod Avatar P: Special: Physical beam equal to the percent of Rage you currently have. 30% lifesteal.
    • Flesh Demigod Avatar E: Special: Energy beam equal to the percent of Rage you currently have. 30% lifesteal.
  • Cores:
    • Exsanguinating Shield: Reflect 75% of projectile damage back at attacker.
    • Exsanguinating Stomp: Reduce def/res 15% and healing 25% for 3 turns. 30% lifesteal.
    • Exsanguinating Spears: Deal 85% damage, gain 30% lifesteal for 2 turns.
    • Convergent Exsanguination: Lower target's Rage gain by 85% for 5 turns.

Purchasing the package also comes with the rare Flesh Demigod's Brand Achievement!

Storefront Oversight

The 5,000 Varium bonus on the Titan Dread package was supposed to leave the storefront earlier in February and be set to the usually 10,000 Varium total, but the old graphic displaying 15,000 Varium was still up for quite some time. To remedy this discrepancy we will be awarding the additional 5,000 Varium to anyone who purchased Varium during this time between the update the change went live on February 4th and today's update.  

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February 11, 2022

Flesh Demigod Approaches

Coming soon

Flesh Demigod Approaches

Next week we will launch a new promotional package featuring a host of weapons and armors crafted by Acatriel! If you haven't picked up the Titan Dread package for some reason, your days to do so are dwindling. This upcoming Flesh Demigod package will be one of the most generous yet offered in EpicDuel, and we can't wait for you to experience it in game! 


New Suggestion Items

4 new swords suggested by the community have been rendered with care by Acatriel and made available at Nightwraith!

  • Smoking Shadow Greatsword P
  • Smoking Shadow Greatsword E
  • Despair Sword P
  • Despair Sword E


Hairstyle Blowout

With today's update we've introduced 32 new Azrael / Demigod  hairstyles. Maybe it's padding to have ear visible/invisible variants, but if some prefer to grow their hair out we're not going to stop them. Variety is the spice of life, after all!


New Achievements

We've expanded the versatility of several daily victory achievements by introducing new tiers for repeat victories.

Daily Solo:

  • Daily Solo Champion Tier 1 -- 2000 RP
  • Daily Solo Champion Tier 2 -- 3500 RP
  •  Daily Solo Champion Tier 3 -- 5000 RP
  • Daily Solo Champion Tier 4 -- 6500 RP
  • Daily Solo Champion Tier 5 --  8000 RP

Daily 2v2:

  • Daily Team Champion Tier 1 -- 2000 RP
  • Daily Team Champion Tier 2 -- 3500 RP
  • Daily Team Champion Tier 3 -- 5000 RP
  • Daily Team Champion Tier 4 -- 6500 RP
  • Daily Team Champion Tier 5 -- 8000 RP

Daily Juggernaut:

  • Juggernaut Tier 1 -- 2000 RP
  • Juggernaut Tier 2 -- 3500 RP
  • Juggernaut Tier 3 -- 5000 RP
  • Juggernaut Tier 4 -- 6500 RP
  • Juggernaut Tier 5 -- 8000 RP

Daily War Hero:

  • War Hero Tier 1 -- 1700 RP
  • War Hero Tier 2 -- 2700 RP
  • War Hero Tier 3 -- 3700 RP
  • War Hero Tier 4 -- 4700 RP
  • War Hero Tier 5 -- 5700 RP
  • War Hero Tier 6 --6700 RP
  • War Hero Tier 7 -- 7700 RP
  • War Hero Tier 8 -- 8700 RP
  • War Hero Tier 9 -- 9700 RP
  • War Hero Tier 10 -- 10700 RP

Daily World Dominations:

  • World Domination Tier 1 -- 1000 RP
  • World Domination Tier 2 (5 victories) -- 2500 RP
  • World Domination Tier 3 (10 Victories) -- 4000 RP
  • World Domination Tier 4 (15 Victories) -- 5500 RP
  • World Domination Tier 5 (20 Victories) -- 7000 RP


Bug Fixes:

  • Ballistic Bunny Bot / Electro Bunny Bot: Egg Rain triggers correctly on basic attacks.

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February 07, 2022

EpicDuel 1.8.53 Hotfix

EpicDuel has been updated with a hotfix addressing some bugs and adding new bonus items.

Fixes and Changes

  • Added ping indicator in battles (Refreshes every 30 seconds)
  • Added error capturing for pvp drops
  • Fixed core search bar not working
  • Fixed ratings star display
  • Arcade Token drop rates reduced
  • No 100% drops in the current pool, but Arcade Token drops rates still very high for 1v1 and 2v2 automatch.
  • New "bald" hairstyle #383
  • New Items added to Secret Package holders:
    • Immortal Frost Warlord Bike
    • Immortal Frost Warlord Bike CC

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February 04, 2022

Azrael Returns 2022

Azrael Returns 2022

PvP drops, 2v2 partner link, and more features debut in this jam-packed EpicDuel update!


2v2 Link

If you login, you'll notice a new battle feature "2v2 link" which will allow you to link with someone on your buddy list to partner up in a 2v2 automatch battle! This only works if you're within 5 levels of your buddy. This has been a frequently requested feature for almost as long as 2v2 has existed so we hope it's worth the wait!

EDIT: If it wasn't clear before, it's against the rules for players to link with themselves on an alt account to partner in 2v2 duels. This is a form of cheating along the lines of dummying as it's unfair to players who player legitimately. Players caught doing this can and will face moderator action.


PvP Drops

Every time you win a PvP battle, there's a chance to win one of the following items. Because our prizes are no longer limited, you can win several different items at once! To start, all these items will be available in all battle modes, but in the future we restrict certain drops to specific battle modes.

  • Arcade Token
  • Azrael Heart Shard
  • Flawed Azrael Gem
  • Azrael Gem
  • Perfect Azrael Gem
  • Heartcrusher Claymore P
  • Heartcrusher Claymore E
  • Heartcrusher Blades P
  • Heartcrusher Blades E
  • Heartcrusher Mace P
  • Heartcrusher Mace E
  • Heartcrusher Staff P
  • Heartcrusher Staff E
  • Heartcrusher Sword P
  • Heartcrusher Sword E

This pool can be expanded and adjusted in the future.


New Achievements

Since there has been some confusion about the Daily Gifter achievements, I've adjusted them for clarity. Not all of these achievements are new, but they have been renamed and updated. These are manually awarded, so if you qualify, you will receive you achievement.

  • Daily Gift Supreme Epic Legend: Placed top 15 in 2022 AND won top Daily Gifter in 4 Gifting seasons.
  • Daily Gift Supreme Legend: Won top Daily Gifter in 4 Gifting seasons between 2018-2022. 
  • Daily Gift Epic Legend: Placed top 15 in 2022 AND won top Daily Gifter in 3 Gifting seasons. 
  • Daily Gift Legend: Won top Daily Gifter in 3 Gifting seasons between 2018-2022.
  • Daily Gift Epic Champion: Placed top 15 in 2022 AND won top Daily Gifter in 2 Gifting seasons. 
  • Daily Gift Champion: Won top Daily Gifter in 2 Gifting seasons between 2018-2022. 

The following achievement will be available normally through the seasonal achievement shop:

  • Big Game LVI: Available during "The Big Game LVI".

These achievements will be very useful for advancing your rating points to the next star rating tier: Emerald Stars!


First Strike Rebalance

The first move in a duel can mean the difference between a quick win and a drawn-out defeat. To help mitigate the advantage First Strike, the combat options will be limited to basic attacks. Cores, skills, and bots will be on a warmup on the very first turn of a duel.


 Other Changes

  • Epic Supporter Achievement removed from 10,000 AP Varium packages.
  • Gifting interface switched to War interface.
  • Seasonal rares returning to their regular rotation.
  • Omega Void Trial Missions going Rare.
  • Omega Void Shards drop again from Endless M4tr1x. To encourage PvP gameplay and put more emphasis on PvP drops, the drop rate will not be as high as it was previously.
  • Confirm Screen added to War Drop upgrades.
  • Juggernaut rewards increased.
  • Varium Sellback increased to 35%.
  • Low Performance: Stop Equipment Animations option in Settings. This can improve performance for certain equipment. The effect doesn't apply until you move to a new screen.


Gifter Prizes

You haven't been forgotten! These updates have been busier than most but several prizes are very close to completion and will be ready to appear in-game next week!

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