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February 25, 2022

Azrael Preview

Flesh Demigod Available Now

Fixes First

Spider was back at work in the Exile lab helping us fix some longstanding, super-annoying bugs. 

  • Color Blast's effect Egg Rain now applies on all actions that involve a Melee Strike. This was how the skill was originally designed to function but lacked the development time to fully realize. This change should give the skill a huge upgrade.
  • Fixed multi-attacks not respecting damage reduction rules. 
  • Fixed ally linking trying to join juggernaut rooms.


PvP Drop Upgrade

Home item drops are now available for all battle modes!


New Achievement

The Thirteen Year Alpha achievement is now available at the achievement shop! Grab the badge to celebrate 13 years of EpicDuel!


Coming Soon

Boss Battles:

Hot off his amazing Flesh Demigod collection, Acatriel has been hard at work on Azrael and Acatriel Bosses for your dueling pleasure! 

Azrael Approaches

Spring Sale:

Starting midday on Monday February 28th, we will be adding 6,000 bonus Varium to the 10,000 AP Varium-only pack, providing you with a total of 18,000 Varium. Those who purchase the package earlier in the day will receive the same deal. The Flesh Demigod item package will not receive the bonus.


Balance Revamp:

It's been awhile since we updated the skill / core balance. Look for some community-suggested changes in next week's update!


New Player Quality of Life:

One area that will be very important to focus on is the experience for new players. EpicDuel can be a very intimidating game for new and returning duelists and we're brainstorming some potential solutions to help ease players into the hostile, complex world of Delta V. Many of these features, such as robust NPC AI and improved character select UI will benefit players old and new. This is an ongoing project spread out over the next few weeks and probably one of the most important areas of focus if EpicDuel is going to have an amazing 2022 and onward.

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