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April 24, 2020

Eggcelent Eggtravaganza!

Eggcelent Eggtravaganza!

Easter came and went but there are still some egg-ceptional weapons to collect in EpicDuel! Visit any ArcadeBot to put some tokens into the newest game, Eggcelent Eggtravaganza!

New Arcade Game!

Visit any ArcadeBot to cycle through the game to find the latest, Eggcelent Eggtravaganza! This is a great opportunity to spend those Arcade Tokens accumulated from gifting to climb the leaderboard and be the first to claim a gold prize!

  • Weapons:
    • Egg Splitter Arsenal P
    • Egg Splitter Arsenal E
    • Egg Splitter Sword P
    • Egg Splitter Sword E
    • Xeno Bunny Sword P
    • Xeno Bunny Sword E
    • Xeno Bunny Blades P
    • Xeno Bunny Blades E
    • Xeno Bunny Axe P
    • Xeno Bunny Axe E
    • Xeno Bunny Staff P
    • Xeno Bunny Staff E
    • Xeno Bunny Blaster P
    • Xeno Bunny Blaster E
    • Xeno Bunny Bazooka P
    • Xeno Bunny Bazooka E
  • Home Item:
    • Brachylagus Statue



Boost your rating points by playing the new arcade game and unlocking the latest arcade achievement!

  • Eggcelent Eggtravaganza


Balance Changes:

  • Sidearm scaling is set at the same rate as Primary weapons
  • Captain's Charge: Duration reduced to 2 turns from 3

Tags: Nightwraith


April 17, 2020

Nightwraith's Bounties

Nightwraith Bounties

Nefarious Ne're Do Well Nightwraith is offering 3 new mission chains of PvP grinding goodness to earn massive jackpots of Credits and new completion achievements!

  • Bounty Bored (1v1 PvP mission chain)
  • Super Bounty Bros (2v2 mssion chain)
  • Open Bounty (free-for-all PvP mission chain)



  • 1v1 Contract Complete
  • 2v2 Contract Complete
  • Open Contract Complete



  • Barbed Grenade: Remove stun chance
  • Frenzy: 25% stun chance added
  • Skull Cracker: 2 round warm-up

Tags: Titan


April 10, 2020

Morning Star Gear!

Morning Star Gear!

New gear and major balance changes abound in this holiday update! Plus, Power Hour extended until June 1st!



There are some major balance changes in this update, including core buffs and a major change for Blood Mage -- Intimidate will be replaced with Terrify, a Strength debuff with a chance to stun!

  • Intimidate (Blood Mage): Changed to Terrify; Added Stun effect
  • Static Charge: Improve with Support instead of Technology
  • Memory Leak: Increase energy cost base to to 90; Duration decreased to 3 turns
  • Venom Strike: Improve with every 6 Dexterity
  • Barbed Grenade: Improve with Support instead of Dexterity; Added Technology requirement; 1 turn warmup
  • Reroute (Tech Mage and Tactical Mercenary): Improve +2% per level
  • Brutal Strike: Removed stun effect
  • Shell Shocker: Damage increased to 100%; Warmup increased to 2 turns
  • Icy Overkill (Gun): Ignores 40% of target's defenses.
  • Icy Overkill (Auxiliary): Ignoring 40% of target's defenses.


Morning Star Gear

Deuce has delivered another set of rare gear available at his NPC in the Mine's abandoned train station!

  • Morning Star Cutters P
  • Morning Star Cutters E
  • Morning Star Axe P
  • Morning Star Axe E
  •  Morning Star Staff P
  • Morning Star Staff E
  • Morning Star Launcher P
  • Morning Star Launcher E
  • Morning Star Plasma Cannon P
  • Morning Star Plasma Cannon E

Collecting all of his gear won't be so easy, however, as his swords will only be available as battle drops from his Legendary form!

  • Morning Star Claymore P
  • Morning Star Claymore E


Leaving Soon!

Next week on Friday, April 17th, Dage the Evil's seasonal and rare gear will be leaving until the next Friday the 13th in November! Also, Nightmare Dage will be reverting to Legendary Dage, meaning this will be the last chance in many months that you'll be able to collect his rare weapons and armor drops!


Power Time!

To help easy the long grind of credits and Experience for many of our returning and current players looking to level up and power up their gear, EpicDuel is extending Power Hour until June 1st! Duel On!

Tags: Nightwraith


April 03, 2020

Tyrant Time!

Tyrant Time

EpicDuel is now live with a new release of terrifying Tyrant weapons, balance tweaks, and an upgradeable new achievement worth up to 15,360 rating points!


Achievement: Feed the Egg!

Some of your are sitting on a mountain of credits, and it's been awhile since we introduced a new upgradeable badge to help lighten that credit burden while boosting your rating points sky high! Purchase and upgrade the Tiny Egg achievement to get that much closer to Regal Diamond ratings!


New Rare Weapons!

Deuce has created a stunning new set for your enjoyment. Visit Snork at the Wasteland Minetower's base to browse this new gearYou may notice a reference to a certain series of games getting a release today. A series of games filled with evil biohazards stalking around all sorts of buildings and...residences. Subtle!

  • Tyrant Slasher P
  • Tyrant Slasher E
  • Tyrant Armblades P
  • Tyrant Armblades E
  • Tyrant Axe P
  • Tyrant Axe E
  • Tyrant Staff P
  • Tyrant Staff E
  • Tyrant Injector P
  • Tyrant Injector E
  • Tyrant Rocket Cannon P
  • Tyrant Rocket Cannon E

These weapons are marked as rare so once they're gone, they're leaving for good!


New Style!

You'll need the world's most heavy duty toothbrush if you equip the new Tyrant style!



  • Annihilation: Improves with every .3 Tech
  • Skull Cracker: Because this skill is reusable and extremely powerful, its energy cost has been increased to 100

Tags: Nightwraith


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