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May 31, 2019

Infernal Gladiator Promo

Infernal Gladiator Promotions

It's finally time to say goodbye to the Azrael promos and hello to the Infernal Gladiator Gear! Celebrate summer with new weapons and armors literally crackling with molten energy! Also, for a limited time the new promotions will come with 5,000 bonus Varium! It doesn't get much hotter than that!


Infernal Gladiator Promo

Infernal Gladiator Cores

After a long wait and lots of sleepless nights, we're proud to finally bring you not one, but two new promotional packages with an Infernal theme! The Infernal weapons are some of the most stylish weapons in the game and Bido and Deuce brought their A (or S+ if you're an arcade game) games to EpicDuel for their contributions to these outstanding new bundles.

Also, for a limited time, these promotional packages will include a bonus 5,000 Varium for a total of 15,000 Varium in addition to all the weapons contained therein! 

Package 1

  • Infernal Gladiator
  • Infernal Gladiator CC
    • Master's Strike: Crits ignore extra 5% of your target's defense; +7% Crit chance; Passive.
    • Infernal Surge: Summon infernal spirits to increase Strength, Dexterity, Technology, and Support by 20% for 4 turns.
  • Infernal Gladiator Sword P
  • Infernal Gladiator Sword E
  • Infernal Gladiator Gear P
  • Infernal Gladiator Gear E
    • Infernal Fury: Do a mini rage using remaining rage.

Package 2

  • Plasma Fly: The counterpart to the Pyro fly, this advanced model is the first bot to have 2 special skills!
    • Pyro Super Beam: Deal 90% base damage, increasing by 3% each round in battle (111% max).
    • Infernal Sting: Powerful sting that does 75% damage and places one random skill into cooldown.
  • Infernal Blaster P
  • Infernal Blaster E
    • Molten Bullet: Fire a super-heated bullet that embeds in target. Strike target to detonate, adding 8% damage per turn the target was hit (max 3 turns).
  • Infernal Artillery P
  • Infernal Artillery E
    • Tremor Blast: Powerful blast that confuses target, lowering Crit, Block, and Deflection chance for 4 turns.


Varium Upgrade

Bonus Varium!

For a limited time, the 12,000 Varium package is receiving a bonus of 5,000 extra Varium for a total of 18,000! If you're in a situation where you don't care about the new gear, but really want to stockpile Varium, this is the best value available!



Not all new items are available in the promotional packages. Kraggor has restocked with an amazing new armor designed by Bido, the Infernal Golem. This new armor is available in CC and non-CC flavors and both come with a new Infernal Fortitude core!

  • Infernal Golem
  • Infernal Golem CC
    • Infernal Fortitude: Harden your skin to increase physical defense by 65% for 3 turns. Unable to use melee attacks.



  • Lifeline: Energy cost increased to 120



Deuce's missions to construct his unique vehicle, the Tyrant Tank, are finally rare forever! Congratulations if you were able to complete the exhaustive tasks to complete this awesome prize!

  • Removed “A Box of Scraps” part 1-3



This past week we've dealt with some substantial outages in EpicDuel, along with the rest of the AE network. Titan has been working with Captain Rhubarb to help improve security for the EpicDuel servers. I don't quite understand all they've been doing, but the updates made throughout the week should improve server stability and keep the DDoS attackers at bay. Since security is an ongoing concern and constant arms race between attackers and our countermeasures, there may be more updates and downtime in the near future as much-needed long-term improvements are implemented.

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May 17, 2019

Infernal Gladiator Preview

Infernal Preview

Very soon it will be time to say goodbye to the current Azrael Promo and hello to a new Infernal Promo set with new armor, weapons, and cores! This upcoming week will be your last chance to grab the Azrael Promo before it's gone for the season!

Also, many out-of-stock weapons and cores have been restocked! 


Core Buffs

To improve the viability of some existing cores, they've been given substantial buffs to increase their utility

  • +8% Lucky Strike (core buyable from Naomi, equipped to Celtic Cleaver and Blazing Celtic Cleaver): Increased to +13% 
  • +4% Lucky Strike (seasonal weapons; buyable from Vendbot): Increased to +9%
  • Deep plague: Field Medic doesn't remove; 3 turn cooldown
  • Pacify: 70 energy instead of 100
  • Salvage: Deal 100% damage on initial strike
  • Energy shot: 30% of the normal sidearm damage instead 25%
  • Phase shift: 0 energy instead of 40
  • Hatchling Rush : 100 energy instead of 130



In preparation for the new Infernal Promo, we're introducing 54 new styles (9 new styles across all classes)

  • Magma Golem
  • Magma Golem CC
  • Infernal Soldier 
  • Infernal Soldier CC
  • Infernal Gladiator
  • Infernal Gladiator CC
  • Skull Shaman
  • Steel Defender Open
  • Steel Defender Closed


Remember, this week will be your last chance to acquire the Azrael's Evolution promotional gear! It will be replaced with the new Infernal Gladiator package sometime on Friday ("when it's ready o-clock")! 

Infernal Gladiator

Infernal Golem

Infernal Weapons

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May 10, 2019

Infinity Titan Gear

Infinity Titan

The MCU isn't the only place you can find a Mad Titan! Visit Titan's Peak to discover new cosmic cores, weapons, and a starship-load of home items fit for a galactic supervillain!


New Weapons

Wield the power of a Mad Titan with new Infinity Titan weapons created by Yo_Lae! These cosmic weapons come pre-loaded with the new Infinity Power Strike core! These are limited rares so you'd better hurry, or they'll be gone in a SNAP!

  • Infinity Titan Sword P
  • Infinity Titan Sword E
  • Infinity Titan Axe P
  • Infinity Titan Axe E
  • Infinity Titan Daggers P
  • Infinity Titan Daggers E
  • Infinity Titan Maul P
  • Infinity Titan Maul E
  • Infinity Titan Staff P
  • Infinity Titan Staff E



Visit Titan in Titan's Peak to try a new selection of powerful Infinity Titan cores!

  • Infinity Power Strike (bound to weapon, not for sale) --  Spend 95 HP for 130% strike damage. Blockable.
  • Infinity Power Strike x25 --  Spend 95 HP for 130% strike damage. Blockable.
  • Infinity Mind Spears -- -- Summon a piercing barrage, ignoring 25% of a target's Defense.
  • Infinity Mind Spears x25 -- Summon a piercing barrage, ignoring 25% of a target's Defense.



To make navigation a bit easier, the Afterlife region and the NPCs contained therein are now accessible from the main map interface to the southeast of Frysteland. 



After the last update, we may have overcorrected the stat boosts from the passive cores. In this update, they've been set to provide +4 stat boost to find a sweet spot where they're useful, but not overpowered.

  • Strength Boost: Increased to +4 stat boost
  • Dexterity Boost: Increased to +4 stat boost
  • Technology Boost: Increased to +4 stat boost
  • Support Boost: Increased to +4 stat boost


New Home Items

Check out brand new Infinity Titan home items created by Yo_Lae! Collect all the gems for display and gaze upon your collection from your new hover-throne!

  • Floating Throne Right
  • Floating Throne Left
  • Floating "Throne" Right
  • Floating "Throne" Left
  • Red Gem Display
  • Yellow Gem Display
  • Green Gem Display
  • Blue Gem Display
  • Orange Gem Display
  • Purple Gem Display
  • Crossed Infinity Spears
  • Crossed Mind Spears
  • Infinity Titan Sword
  •  Green Portal Right
  • Green Portal Left
  • Purple Portal Right
  • Purple Portal Left
  • Yellow Portal Right
  • Yellow Portal Left
  • Red Portal Right
  • Red Portal Left
  • Infinity Titan Guantlet
  • Infinity Titan Helm
  • Infinity Titan Axe Right
  • Infinity Titan Axe Left

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May 03, 2019

Infernal Update

Pyro Fly

EpicDuel is about to be updated with new war changes, restocked Pyro Fly, new achievements, and a new CC Pyro Fly travel form!



Currently, the war system functions on a mostly "winner take all" binary. We've changed the system to encourage participation regardless of Alignment by adding a new prize tier. This will allow all players who perform at a high level to earn the war prize, plus a larger amount of Credits and Arcade tokens.

  • New tier at 15K influence: “Warlord”
  • Warlord Tier prizes
    • 20,000 Credits
    • 20 Arcade Tokens
    • You can claim prize regardless of  winning alignment 



After the last update, Tactical Mercenaries appeared to overperform in 1v1, mostly as a consequence of regaining passive armor and energy regeneration.

  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Frenzy: Reverted the skill back to work more like it did in Delta. With the return of Reroute, Frenzy's strong health and energy recovery were too strong.
      • Added an energy cost
      • Blockable
      • Increased base HP gain
        • Level 1 33%
        • Level 2 36%
        • Level 3 39%
        • Level 4 42%
        • Level 5 45%
        • Level 6 48%
        • Level 7 51%
        • Level 8 54%
        • Level 9 57%
        • Level 10 60%



It seems that many are using the passive stat cores to the exclusion of all others. To encourage diverity in core use, we've adjusted pricing and potency of the cores

  • Strength Boost 30x: Increased price 3000 Credits and 150 Varium
  • Dexterity Boost 30x: Increased price 3000 Credits and 150 Varium
  • Technology Boost 30x: Increased price 3000 Credits and 150 Varium
  • Support Boost 30x: Increased price 3000 Credits and 150 Varium
  • Strength Boost: Reduced price 6000 Credits and 275 Varium; Reduced to +3 stat boost
  • Dexterity Boost: Reduced price 6000 Credits and 275 Varium; Reduced to +3 stat boost
  • Technology Boost: Reduced price 6000 Credits and 275 Varium; Reduced to +3 stat boost
  • Support Boost: Reduced price 6000 Credits and 275 Varium; Reduced to +3 stat boost



To reward those who have gone above and beyond in the Gifting off-season to share codes with their fellow players, we've added new tiers to the Code Crafter achievement. If after launch your achievement is "stuck" at an old tier, you can either share a new code wait for an manual update to properly set your achievement.

  • New tiers to the Code Crafter Achievement
    • Great Leg. Code Crafter 20000 Code Redeems 6000 RP
    • Grand Leg. Code Crafter 30000 Code Redeems 7000 RP
    • Ultra Leg. Code Crafter 40000 Code Redeems 8000 RP
    • Epic Leg. Code Crafter 50000 Code Redeems 9000 RP
    • Ultimate Leg. Code Crafter 60000 Code Redeems 10000 RP
    • Supreme Leg. Code Crafter 75000 Code Redeems 11500 RP


New Items

Visit Kraggor in the Mines for a restocked Pyro Fly and a new CC Pyro Fly travel form!


New Game: DungeonBorne!

Dungeon Borne

JUST LAUNCHED! Get DungeonBorne, the story-based card game on the Apple and Android app stores. Grab a copy, and show it some love. Congratulations to Cysero, Oishii, Rabblefroth, and PanicPop on the release of this brand new game! It is free, with an optional one-time $1.99 expansion pack which unlocks more cards and adds variety!

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