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April 26, 2019

Springtime Smash Part 2

Springtime Smash

EpicDuel has just been updated with the second part of its springtime release featuring new weapons, new cores, balance changes, and a new mission chain!



Drastic ideas for improving balance are still being discussed and tested, but some adjustments are being made as of this release to help Tech Mages and Cyber Hunters while weakening the energy control capabilities of Blood Mages and Tactical Mercenaries.

  • Tech Mage
    • Defense Matrix: Improves with every 0.35 Support
  • Cyber Hunter
    • Defense Matrix: Improves with every 0.35 Support
  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Atom Smasher: Reduced base values to mitigate energy control gained by Reroute
      • Level 1 48
      • Level 2 51
      • Level 3 54
      • Level 4 57
      • Level 5 60
      • Level 6 63
      • Level 7 66
      • Level 8 69
      • Level 9 72
      • Level 10 75
  • Blood Mage
    • Energy Parasite: 
      • Increased max drain while reducing duration and conversion to mitigate energy control
      • Duration reduced to 2 turns
      • Caster gains the amount drained
      • 1-11%
      • 2-12%
      • 3-13%
      • 4-14%
      • 5-15%
      • 6-16%
      • 7-17%
      • 8-18%
      • 9-19%
      • 10-20%


Visit Brachylagus in the Biological Preserve Archives for a series of crucial tasks to earn bountiful credits, an adorable prize, and an epic achievement!

  • Oops All Lepus - Brachylagus
    • Bio Basher
    • Electric Exorcism
    • Supply Lines Restored
    • Nuclear Data
    • Omega Data
    • Bundorable Disguise
    • Lepus for All

New Weapons

Visit Deuce and Xraal for new seasonal gear! The most epic gear contain new cores pre-installed cores for your convenience! The cores can be replaced if so desired.

  • Arboreal Annihilator P
  • Arboreal Annihilator E
  • Arboreal Artillery P
  • Arboreal Artillery E
  • Arboreal Blaster P
  • Arboreal Blaster E
  • Arboreal Broadsword P
  • Arboreal Broadsword E
  • Highlander Armor
  • Highlander Armor CC


New Cores

Visit Deuce and Xraal for new seasonal cores that should heal greatly increase survivability in battle and allow for more build flexibility when assigning passives.

  • Luck Strike (Armor): Passive skill that decreases an target's chance to block your strike by 4%
  • Critical Heal (Primary) (Doesn't stack!): Passive skill that increases Field Medic heal by 20% while in critical condition.
  • Hardened Armor (Armor): Active skill that applies a 20% damage reduction for 3 turns.
  • Lifeline (Armor): Active skill that enables a heal while in critical condition for a minimum of 300 HP.


New Promo?

Now that the Azrael Package has been around a few months, many have been asking when the next promotional package will be released. Promotional packages take a lot of work and planning, particularly the new skills the items come equipped with. There will be a new promotional package, and we will update you on the progress as soon as details are available!

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April 18, 2019

Springtime Smash!

Springtime Smash

EpicDuel will be updating shortly to add part of an epic springtime release featuring new weapons, balance changes, and a new arcade game!



Currently, many ideas for improving balance are being thrown around on the test server but there's not total confident in their viability. It's especially risky to push large balance changes over a holiday weekend when immediate corrective action wouldn't be possible. We're continuing to test and brainstorm ideas to revamp the skill trees to empower struggling classes and encourage build diversity.

  • General
    • Deflection chance max increased to 35%
  • Tech Mage
    • Malfunction: Improves with ever 2.4 Support
    • Defense Matrix: Improves with ever 0.4 Support
    • Technician: Improves with every 3 Dexterity
  • Cyber Hunter
    • Malfunction: Improves with ever 2.8 Support
    • Defense Matrix: Improves with ever 0.4 Support
  • Robots
    • Cleanse: Reduces debuffs by up to 75% from 85%
    • Heart Attack: Reduces buffs by up to 75% from 85%


Try your luck and spend some tokens at the Springtime Smash Arcade featuring some new weapons from Bido!

  • Spring Slayer P
  • Spring Slayer E
  • Spring Slicers P
  • Spring Slicers E
  • Spring Axe P
  • Spring Axe E
  • Spring Staff P
  • Spring Staff E
  • Spring Splicer P
  • Spring Splicer E
  • Spring Boltcaster P
  • Spring Boltcaster E
  • Spring Spear P
  • Spring Spear E
  • Lucky Lacerators E
  • Celtic Maul E
  • Serpent Warder E
  • Eggscape Pod

New Weapons

Visit Deuce for new seasonal gear! There's still more to come so don't feel too disappointed if some items from the previews, like the awesome Highlander armor, aren't present in the shop just yet!

  • Highlander Broadsword P
  • Highlander Broadsword E
  • Highlander Shortsword P
  • Highlander Shortsword E
  • Highlander Gauntlets P
  • Highlander Gauntlets E
  • Highlander Cleaver P
  • Highlander Cleaver E
  • Highlander Staff P
  • Highlander Staff E
  • Highlander Blaster P
  • Highlander Blaster E
  • Highlander Shotgun P
  • Highlander Shotgun E
  • Highlander Launcher P
  • Highlander Launcher E


This the first part of our springtime release, the second part of which should have even more balance changes and seasonal content. In the meantime, have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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April 12, 2019

Patch Notes - 1.7.17

We just rolled a small patch with some small adjustments and preparations to make much larger changes to the skill trees next week, changes which will require some extemsive testing to evaluate their viability. We also have a glorious cache of weapons and items in the pipeline


New Features/Changes

  • Added an additional tier of diminishing returns for stats that kicks in after 100 points. This currently impacts Resistance and Defense to help counter tanky builds.
  • Improved Support scaling for Auxiliary damage. 
  • Epic Origins achievement that will be available with the EpicDuel poster from HeroMart.

Bug Fixes

  • Shadow Arts no longer intermittently defaults armor to black
  • Retrained Tactical Mercenaries as it was possible to have max Reroute without meeting the requirements
  • Reported but not a bug: Blood Lust and Reroute don't stack with other HP and EP regen cores. The engine is designed to use the highest value to determine regen so a skill that does 40% HP gain from damage will override max Blood Lust at 25%, rather than combining to become 65% HP gain.

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April 05, 2019

Passive Skills Return!

Passive Skills Return!

The day has finally come! It's been nearly 6 years and after hundreds of constructive and not-so-constructive comments, emails, and forum posts later Passive Skills have returned to the skill trees of EpicDuel! Party like it's 2013 and experiment with build options not possible in years, if at all!



Passive skills return to replace their former active skills! If you're new to EpicDuel, you're probably wondering why this is significant. Passive Skills haven't been a part of the game since 2013 and the game has changed a lot since then. At the time, we felt that Passive Skills didn't make the battles feel dynamic enough. On the surface, Passive Skills aren't as cool as summoning a lightning bolt or activating a space laser, but because they can impact almost every round for 0 cost, they're extremely powerful and essential for most builds. We replaced them with new active skills hoping that would make energy management more valuable and diversity builds. Sound theory, but the removal of Passive Skills left a large hole in EpicDuel that the new skills never quite replaced. This reversal could have happened much sooner, but many of the Passive Skills were completely shredded in the transition with the assumption that we would never go back. While some were simple to return (Blood Lust and Reroute are still equipped to many NPCs), others had to be rebuilt. This was a big, scary change with many unknown consequences, but hopefully it will all be worth it!

  • Bounty Hunter
    • Blood Lust - Replaces Mark of Blood
    • Shadow Arts - Replaces (Active) Shadow Arts
    • Massacre - Removed Lifesteal
  • Mercenary
    • Adrenaline - Replaces Adrenaline Rush
    • Hybrid Armor - Replaces (Active) Hybrid Armor. Now based on % of Defense / Resistance rather than flat value
  • Tech Mage
    • Deadly Aim - Replaces Fire Scythe. Reduced in power due to sidearm damage amplifying cores
    • Reroute - Replaces Battery Backup
  • Cyber Hunter
    • Plasma Armor - Replaces (Active) Plasma Armor. Now based on % of Resistance rather than flat value
    • Shadow Arts - Replaces (Active) Shadow Arts
  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Reroute - Replaces Battery Backup
    • Mineral Armor - Replaces (Active) Mineral Armor. Now based on % of Defense rather than flat value
  • Blood Mage
    • Blood Lust - Replaces Mark of Blood
    • Deadly Aim - Replaces Bludgeon rather than Energy Parasite as it is extremely valuable to many Blood Mage builds
    • Supercharge - Removed Lifesteal

Since this is such a major change to battle dynamics, and the game has changed so much in 6 years, we'll definitely need some follow up updates to balance the returning skills. This'll be an ongoing process, but a major step towards returning something dearly missed by longtime players.


Core Changes

  • Shell Shocker defense reduction increased to 15% from 10%
  • Blood Bullet damage increase reduced to 125% from 135%



Since enough people liked the April Fool's armor, I've separated the head from the armor and added as a hairstyle. Now you can have whatever helm or hair you wish with the armor!

Bug Fixes

Spirit Meld now properly ignores armor on user. Additional defense reduction penalty added to description.

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