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April 26, 2019

Springtime Smash Part 2

Springtime Smash

EpicDuel has just been updated with the second part of its springtime release featuring new weapons, new cores, balance changes, and a new mission chain!



Drastic ideas for improving balance are still being discussed and tested, but some adjustments are being made as of this release to help Tech Mages and Cyber Hunters while weakening the energy control capabilities of Blood Mages and Tactical Mercenaries.

  • Tech Mage
    • Defense Matrix: Improves with every 0.35 Support
  • Cyber Hunter
    • Defense Matrix: Improves with every 0.35 Support
  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Atom Smasher: Reduced base values to mitigate energy control gained by Reroute
      • Level 1 48
      • Level 2 51
      • Level 3 54
      • Level 4 57
      • Level 5 60
      • Level 6 63
      • Level 7 66
      • Level 8 69
      • Level 9 72
      • Level 10 75
  • Blood Mage
    • Energy Parasite: 
      • Increased max drain while reducing duration and conversion to mitigate energy control
      • Duration reduced to 2 turns
      • Caster gains the amount drained
      • 1-11%
      • 2-12%
      • 3-13%
      • 4-14%
      • 5-15%
      • 6-16%
      • 7-17%
      • 8-18%
      • 9-19%
      • 10-20%


Visit Brachylagus in the Biological Preserve Archives for a series of crucial tasks to earn bountiful credits, an adorable prize, and an epic achievement!

  • Oops All Lepus - Brachylagus
    • Bio Basher
    • Electric Exorcism
    • Supply Lines Restored
    • Nuclear Data
    • Omega Data
    • Bundorable Disguise
    • Lepus for All

New Weapons

Visit Deuce and Xraal for new seasonal gear! The most epic gear contain new cores pre-installed cores for your convenience! The cores can be replaced if so desired.

  • Arboreal Annihilator P
  • Arboreal Annihilator E
  • Arboreal Artillery P
  • Arboreal Artillery E
  • Arboreal Blaster P
  • Arboreal Blaster E
  • Arboreal Broadsword P
  • Arboreal Broadsword E
  • Highlander Armor
  • Highlander Armor CC


New Cores

Visit Deuce and Xraal for new seasonal cores that should heal greatly increase survivability in battle and allow for more build flexibility when assigning passives.

  • Luck Strike (Armor): Passive skill that decreases an target's chance to block your strike by 4%
  • Critical Heal (Primary) (Doesn't stack!): Passive skill that increases Field Medic heal by 20% while in critical condition.
  • Hardened Armor (Armor): Active skill that applies a 20% damage reduction for 3 turns.
  • Lifeline (Armor): Active skill that enables a heal while in critical condition for a minimum of 300 HP.


New Promo?

Now that the Azrael Package has been around a few months, many have been asking when the next promotional package will be released. Promotional packages take a lot of work and planning, particularly the new skills the items come equipped with. There will be a new promotional package, and we will update you on the progress as soon as details are available!

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