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May 30, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.14


  • Implemented new War Rally balance mechanic

    • increases Drop Rate of the currently losing alignment for 30 minutes

    • increases the Drop Effectiveness when used 50% for 30 minutes

    • War Rallies will occur at random intervals

  • 6 New Arctic Guard Hairstyles



Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed display issue with inactive War Objectives, the name and state was not displaying properly

  • Fixed clicking on the VendBot button for Central Station jumps to the VendBot in the Biological Preserve.

  • Fixed NPC names cut off on the map, Barrens Outpost: “Dravax the” should be “Dravax the Harbinger”, Frysteland: “Frysteland Ammo” should be “Frysteland Ammo Depot”, Fortune City: “Fortune City Ammo” should be “Fortune City Ammo Depot”.

  • Fixed jumping bug related to duplicate merchants in the world map

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May 22, 2014

Another War Down

Exile Victory

The Fortune City War is over. The Exiles have won another war and seized Fortune City from Legion control. Now is the time to login and claim your war prize!
So many choices!
If you weren't fortunate enough to be on the winning side, you still have the option to purchase the Fortune City Battlegear war prizes! Remember, the next war is just around the corner and you'll have another chance to claim another slice of Delta V for your own!
New Gear
The next war will be a shorter duration, with added balancing mechanics to prevent one alignment from pulling ahead and creating an insurmountable gap. If one alignment gains a strong enough lead, the losing alignment activate a Battle Rally, which will strongly boost the war drop rate. This, combined with the shorter duration, should make for a much tighter and exciting conflict!


Charfade's Charshoppe
Charfade has added several new items to the inventory, including a color custom Little Gear mutation and new items from Juniu and Assassin Order! Be sure to stop by Charfade's location in the Barrens Outpost to check them out! This journey should be even easier thanks to a helpful new feature...


New Navigation

Now, you can use the redesigned world map to navigate to any NPC in any region! This should make finding those obscure NPCs much easier. It also means the grumpier ones will get more visitors and become even grumpier! Be sure to stop by and cheer them up!


Power Hour!
Power Hour!
The war is over, but that doesn't mean the dueling is over. Battle your heart out all weekend long for double XP and Credits! There's no special mission to complete or button to activate -- just log in and DUEL!


Heroic Memorial Achievement
Heroic Memorial
Be sure to stop by the Achievement shop to claim the seasonal Heroic Memorial Achievement (available now)!


Have a safe and fun weekend! Duel on!

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May 15, 2014

May Madness

New Weapons!

After a small hiatus, EpicDuel Team is back at full-strength. Take a look at some of the spicy dishes we've cooked up for you this week!


Arcade Update

First, you'll want to stop by an ArcadeBot to try a new Arcade Game featuring new weapons from our fantastic new guest artists:

  • Hatred Cuirass
  • Assassin Order
  • Bidoof 
  • Juniu 
  • Vultex

As usual, this game will offer new achievements, a new leaderboard, and come fully-loaded with never-before-seen weapons!


War Progress

The Fortune City War is now pushing past its midpoint. The Exiles are pulling ahead with a commanding lead. The Legion will need to rally to win and hold onto their seat of power! Crazier things have happened.

After the Fortune City War is decided, the next area up for contention will be -- Frysteland. For years, the Legion have held claim to this frigid stronghold, but soon it will be up for contention again and Legion and Exile forces will vie for control once again.

The Fortress Core

Warp Gates

Frysteland Drops
The Attackers will collect Yeti Bait to lure Yetis into jumping through Warp Gates placed around Frysteland to assault the Fortress Core. The Defenders will use Fryste Bombs to destroy the Warp Gates and secure their Core.

Like the Dread Plains War and current Fortune City War, the Frysteland War will offer new prizes, new leaderboards, and the ability to build influence in the region for you and your Faction.


Assuming Direct Control

Rabblefroth is completing a tool that will allow testers to easily alter skills and stats to thoroughly test balance adjustments with minimal dev assistance. This means more thorough and useful balance updates.


New Face of Delta V

Delta V is getting another facelift, this time from the mega-talented Charfade. Be sure to click the little Map button on the main HUD to see it in all it's glory!

Delta V



Lionhart Preview

Check out this new preview from Revontheus of the upcoming Lionhart event: The whole Lionhart family together at last!

Family Portrait

Are you ready to challenge Saeva, Transcendence, and Immanence?


Code Time!

We haven't offered one in awhile so this weekend, we EpicDuel developers will be offering prize codes on Twitter for these new home items designed by Charfade!


Each Dev will offer a code for his or her respective statue. You'll need to follow all of us on Twitter to collect them all!

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May 01, 2014

Fortune City Countdown

The War Continues...

The War between the Legion and Exile forces resumes this Saturday as the countdown to the next War closes in on 0. This War will take place in the capital of Delta V, Fortune City. Fortune City is currently powered by an Energy Core in Alydriah's Spire. Rather than destroying the Core, the Attackers are determined to drain the Core to fuel their own war efforts using Sappers located around the city. The defenders will defend the core by destroying the Sappers. The citizens of Fortune City will follow whomever can keep the lights on. Will the Legion reign, or will the Exiles unseat the Legion from their lofty perch in Fortune City?


Fortune City Countdown

As you can see, the cooldown timer continues to tick by and the next War is very near. The text war region, Fortune City, will be open for contention early Saturday morning. This means a new chance for War Hero, leaderboard domination, and building regional Influence in Fortune City.

Countdown Clock

Remember, once the Fortune City War goes live, you will no longer be able to claim Dread Prizes. If you haven't claimed a prize yet, or purchased one that caught your fancy, you've only hours left to do so.


Dread Plains Champions

Before the next War begins, we'd like to commemorate the leaders of the previous war. Will they be major players in the next War? Do you have what it takes to dominate ALL the regions?

Exile Winners

Best Legion Soldiers


Return of Legion and Exile Battlegear!

To make sure you're properly equipped for an alignment brawl, the Legion and Exile Battlegear have returned to the Dread Plains. 

Equip for the next war!

Visit the Exile Leader or Administrator 10 to purchase these powerful mutating weapons for your own!

Shop in the Dread Plains

Deliver an Exile or Legion Strike to your foes with the weapons' powerful cores. Better hurry -- these weapons will only be available for a limited time!


Battle Gems for Android is LIVE!

Be the first to play Battle Gems - the 1st major mobile game created by the same friendly (and crazy) team that creates AdventureQuest Worlds. Battle Gems is available right now for free on Google Play's App Store for your Android device AND Apple’s App Store for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Read more details here!

The team and I are really proud to be releasing Battle Gems for you. As our first major mobile game, it took over 6 months to draw, animate, code and write the 450+ joke & pun filled levels for you. We think you will agree that it is our most crazy, addictive and fun game yet! Get Battle Gems and please help us spread the word. (P.S. We are working on the Android version as you read this.)

Battle Gems Features

  • Over-the-top fantasy Puzzle/RPG
  • 150+ monsters including BrutalCorn, Octobear and more!
  • 450+ quests to Mount Death Dread Doom Skull
  • 250+ items
  • Every item you collect increases your total power!
  • Fully customizable character
  • Crazy monsters, epic battles, and… horrible puns (but get it anyway)

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