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March 22, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.7


  • Increased the maximum credits possible per battle from 210 to 300. This should prevent issues where you could get fewer base credits than expected while boosting during Power Hour.


  • Infernal Android
    • This bot could unleash huge, repeatable damage with no downside. This change should make using the bot the more tactical "Can I afford to wait for its full damage" decision we originally intended.
    • Is now usable once per battle
    • Damage dealt changed from 80-140% to 85-130%. Still gains 5% damage per round.
    • Added a 3 turn warmup on the special to prevent accidental use before it deals full damage.
    • Special now goes into a 3 turn cooldown instead of 4 when the normal attack is used.
  • Assimilation
    • This skill is intended to provide an on-demand energy boost; this change keeps the focus where it is intended.
    • Lowered damage on hit from 100% to 85%.


  • Reduced the visual size of the Lagomorph auxiliaries.
  • Reversed the position of the Sickle weapons to appear more natural.
  • Krampus Blaster, Krampus Cannon, Legion Blaster, and Legion Cannon were incorrectly removed in the last update. They have been moved to the Krampus Trader.
  • Resale price of Basic items was not visually upgrading in certain cases.
  • Inserting/replacing cores would not visually update the resale price of the item in some cases
  • Resatting items could sometimes cause the resale price to visually increase.
  • Fixed several animation flickers at the start of turns.
  • Botanical Battlegear was incorrectly labeled as Rare instead of Seasonal Rare.
  • Venom Strike initial damage was incorrectly scaling per round.
  • Price of Bio Trooper armor changed to correctly match the Bio Mage and Bio Hunter armors.
  • Certain prize items incorrectly had no resale value. This applies retroactively to existing prize items, including the Bounty Pistol and Banx0rz Blade.


PS - Nightwraith is on location at PAX East this week! Follow Nightwraith on Twitter for the latest reports live from the event. Look for a full post with all the exciting details when he returns!


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