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March 15, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.6


  • New Botanical Battlegear promo now available! Includes energy and physical mutating weapon sets with the Growth Serum active core. Growth Serum grows your character and increases your base Support by 30%
  • Reduced initial file load by around 25%
  • Added a percentage loaded indicator when starting the game
  • Maximum inventory slots increased to 200 items
  • Frysteland weapons removed from store
  • All Winter home items removed from store
  • New performance setting: "Play Idle Animations in Battle"


  • Critical Strikes
    • Defense ignore lowered from 50% to 45%
    • Minimum damage increase lowered from (7+Level/5) to (4+Level/7). At level 35 this was 14 damage, now 9 damage


  • Deadly Aim
    • Lowered damage by 5% at all levels
    • At Level 35 this requires 10 points for maximum benefit; 1 point gives +2 damage instead of +4, 10 points gives +9 damage instead of +10
  • Assimilation
    • Now usable while at maximum Energy
    • Before Update: Drained 1-10 Energy giving back 50% of amount drained. Slight level scaling, no stat scaling.
    • After Update: Drains 3-12 Energy, giving back 100% of the amount drained. No level scaling, steals 1 extra Energy per 9 Strength
    • This skill had many issues, to the point of being nearly useless in most cases. It should now provide Tech Mages with a more reliable on-demand energy gain.
  • Bloodlust
    • Lowered lifesteal by 2% at all levels
    • We overshot slightly with the last buff, this will bring it more in line.
  • Massacre
    • Lowered damage from 45-135% to 31-120% (Roughly 5 damage at level 35)
    • Despite previous minor nerfs this skill was giving far too much free damage, especially over Supercharge and Surgical Strike (Massacre was doing up to 22 more damage than these skills even with no stat investment).
  • Venom Strike
    • Increased initial damage from 70% to 85%
    • This should make the skill more attractive while still keeping a lot of the damage on the poison.


  • Omega Override
    • Increased debuff to 30% of base stat, from 20%
  • Curse / Curse Aura
    • Increased debuff to 30% of base stat, from 25%


  • Added back tooltips to skill minus buttons when retraining
  • Bounty Pistol and Azrael's Deathbringer were missing from Finderbot
  • Achievements from NPCs could appear to drop multiple times
  • Poison damage will now put characters into the "weakened" kneeling state
  • Poison bubbles would sometimes show up incorrectly on the Elite Yeti
  • Disconnecting at a certain point during battle could freeze it
  • Fixed a bug that could cause actions in battle to fail
  • Fixed a bug that could cause critical strikes to do an incorrect amount of damage
  • Stats and cores could show up incorrectly on your Basic Armor following a class change

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