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November 27, 2013

Black Abyss Patch Notes - 1.5.40


  • New Promo Package available: Black Abyss! Includes the physical and energy versions of the new Black Abyss Bot.
    • Special Attack: Necrosis. Necrosis rots your foes, lowering their Defense and Resistance by an increasing amount each round.
  • New weapons: the class-changing Black Abyss Battlegear, and the Black Abyss Slayer swords.
    • Includes Hatchling Rush core. Hatchling Rush sends explosive spiders at your opponent, lowering their ability to gain Health by 50% for 3 turns.
  • 21 new Black Abyss missions, starting with Chairman Platinum in the Wasteland.
  • Returning Harvest Gear available on RabbleFroth
  • New Item Bank system!
    • Your home now has a placeable Item BankBot. This will allow you to access your item bank inventory and deposit any items you don't need to have in your main inventory all the time.
    • Your Item Bank starts with 20 slots, and can be upgraded to 300 slots.
    • There are also several new styled versions of the BankBot for sale in the home items shop. These all will access the same Bank inventory.
  • Max inventory slots has been lowered to 100. Anyone with 100 or more inventory slots will keep them and receive the Epic Hoarder Achievement (achievement coming next week)
  • All Miscellaneous / Mission items now count towards your inventory.
  • Several missions that required a large number of items to complete have had their item requirements lowered.
  • Added a confirm screen when doing Rarity Appraisal
  • Exclusive Arcade items will appear as "Arcade Prize" in Item Finder
  • Item filter buttons will not light up if your only item in that category is equipped



  • Challenges can no longer be issued while moving
  • Fixed an issue where player names would not appear in the send field when composing a new mail
  • Increased number of eligible NPCs for Mindful Mage mission
  • Fixed an issue with upgrade cost sometimes being displayed incorrectly on items
  • Static Charge was not correctly granting Rage
  • Admin Messages no longer show HTML tags in the chat window

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