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November 15, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.39


  • 10,000 Varium Promo Packages removed
    • Omega Package
    • Exile / Legion Packages
    • Dread Package
  • Omega Promo items now labeled as Ultra-Rare
    • Omega Obliterator
    • Omega Slayer
    • Omega Onslaughter
    • Omega Impaler
  • Dread / Legion / Exile package items are now sellable
  • Modified all skill effects to play once for performance. Buff / Debuff effects will no longer loop for their duration.
  • Updated battle error and status messages to include skill icons
  • Chairman Platinum battle background updated to "clean" version
  • Retrain, Redeem Code, and Item Finder options have been removed from NPCs and added to the Upgrade Shop



NOTE: For additional information and discussion on these changes, please visit the forums HERE.

-Battle Duration Adjustments-
In general we feel that battles are ending a little too quickly, especially in 1v1. With so few turns available in the average fight, strategic options become limited, and certain events in battle such as critical strikes and blocks have a bit too much impact.

  • Health per stat point has been increased to 1.25 from 1. Now every 4 stat points will give +5 Max Health.
  • The base damage of all weapons (Primary, Gun, and Auxiliary) has been lowered by 2.
  • Critical Strikes now ignore 30% of defenses, down from 45%
  • Critical Strike minimum damage is now 3-5, down from 4-7. Increases at level 15 and 30.


-Energy Flow Adjustments-
With recent updates adding energy costs to cores, and reworking passive skills into useable skills, energy management has become much more important. We feel that this is an important aspect to managing the pace of a fight, but certain things are a little out of line, so we want to review the system in general to make it fit better with the updated skills.

  • Energy per stat point has been increased to 1.25 from 1. Now every 4 stat points will give +5 Max Energy
  • EMP Grenade
    • Base energy drain increased from 7-24 to 12-27
    • Increased cooldown from 2 to 3 turns
    • Level scaling removed
  • Atom Smasher
    • Increased cooldown from 2 to 3 turns
    • Increased drain amount by 2% at all levels
  • Static Charge
    • Now unblockable
    • Cannot critically hit or Rage
    • Increase cooldown from 2 to 3
    • increase amount from 22-37% to 40-70%
  • Static Smash
    • Lower drain from 43-73% to 38-68%
  • Bounty Hunter EMP Grenade has been replaced by Static Grenade
    • Has a base energy drain of 10-25
    • Steals 50% of energy drained
    • 0 Energy cost, 3 turn cooldown
    • Gains +1 energy drain every 4.5 Tech
  • Battery Backup
    • Lower base energy gain from 20-45 to 20-35
    • Fixed a bug where level scaling was not working properly
  • Assimilation
    • Increased energy steal by 4 at all levels
    • Now steals 50% of energy drained, down from 100%
  • Energy Parasite
    • In cases where the enemy has more than 150 Energy, it will work as though they had 150 Energy instead. This is intended to only affect NPC battles.

-General Balance-

  • Plasma / Mineral Armor
    • Increased defenses from 15-60% to 30-100%
    • No longer affected by stat buffs and debuffs
    • Fixed a bug where duration was 3 turns instead of 4
  • Hybrid Armor
    • Increase defenses from 10-30% to 15-50%
    • No longer affected by stat buffs and debuffs
    • Fixed a bug where duration was 3 turns instead of 4
  • Mark of Blood
    • Adjusted energy cost from 13-31 to 15-24
  • Toxic Grenade
    • Lowered energy cost from 15-33 to 10-28
  • Venom Strike
    • Lowered energy cost from 14-32 to 10-28
  • Reflex Boost
    • Energy gain effect has been removed
    • Dexterity bonus increased by 2 at all levels
  • Smokescreen / Malfunction
    • Level scaling removed
  • NPCs
    • Weapon damage lowered by about 4 on all NPCs



  • NPCs with Bloodlust were gaining twice the intended health back
  • Effects of Color Blast and Shadow Arts now clear upon death in battle
  • Mark of Blood is no longer castable on targets that are already marked
  • Shadow Arts now only darkens the caster. It no longer affects things like robots and skill effects.
  • Energy Parasite no longer restores energy on dead casters, reviving them as disturbing zombie people.
  • Fixed players getting a persistent yellow loop when loading battles
  • Players are now prevented from changing gear while moving
  • Fixed a bug allowing flags to be highlighted in battle

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