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October 01, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.33


  • Replaced the final missions "Cut Off the Head" and "You Best Not Miss" with easier to complete variations. These missions are now categorized as Permanent.
  • Added prize icons to each item in the Arcade prize list
  • Changes for new accounts to comply with TrustE and COPPA compliance
  • Prize tiles in arcade reel are more distinct



  • Faction Creation menu was not opening properly
  • Time left display for daily missions should now show the correct time, regardless of time zone
  • Fixed the mission log button not working in certain situations
  • Legion Soldier in Bazaar entrance replaced with fightable Shadow Guard
  • Naming convention of Legion and Exile troops made more consistent
  • Beta weapons were showing up twice in the Item finder
  • Tag Team mission ending text was not showing up properly

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