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August 02, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.25


  • 14% reduction in the size of the main game client
  • Total of 18 new Dread War Hairstyles. Male, Female and Class versions of the Exile, Legion, Mysterious hairstyle sets.  
  • Matchmaking changes
    • The system will now prioritize matches based on how long you have been waiting. While it will try to create Exile vs Legion matches as much as possible, after a time it will prioritize getting you into a fight over waiting for the ideal match. We’ll be monitoring the performance of the new system, and we will make adjustments as necessary.
  • Cores
    • All cores are now inventory items. While little has changed functionally about how cores work, we feel this is a much clearer and universal system. All cores that were previously available directly are now for sale on all Vendbots. We'll be expanding on this even further in the future.
    • Cores have also been repriced slightly. Active cores have increased in price, while passive cores are now less expensive. This was done for two major reasons: 1) To make the value of each type of core more apparent, and 2) To more closely match the amount of work and effort it takes to produce active vs. passive cores.

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