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July 12, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.22


  • World Map improvements:
    • "Hot" objective indicators to show which objectives are close to being taken
    • Relative activity of each objective is now shown for each alignment
    • Control Bars are now shown at the map level when you mouseover an objective
  • 10 ranks of achievements have been added for gaining influence in each world region.
  • Certain map backgrounds now dynamically switch based on the controlling alignment (example: Fortune City Battle Arena)
  • The lead Faction's flag now appears in battle
  • The remaining regional weapons have been added to the following Objectives. Good news for those trying to collect them all!
    • Dread Plains Control Array
    • Fortune City Battle Arena
    • Biological Preserve's Archive AI
  • War Chests removed from promo packages


  • Missions that used to award Battle Tokens were not updated to say they now award Credits (this was only a visual issue)

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