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July 05, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.21


  • Consumable items have been replaced with new core functionality
    • All players with 10 or more consumable items received sellback value on their remaining consumables (the 10+ limit was done to prevent the refund script from taking far too long to run)
  • Several new Objectives added across the map
  • Shops added to Major Objectives (those worth 5 points) in each region. These shops have a new type of limited-quantity, regionally-themed weapons. There can only be up to 5 stocked at any time, and when they run out, 5 more will be added on the hour. You must control the Objective in order to shop there, so team up and hold it for the restock!
    • Note: Fortune City, the Bio Preserve, and the Dread Plains do not yet have these weapons, they'll be released in a future update.
  • These shops also have a new type of limited-use cores that will give you bonus Influence in an adjacent region. If you're having trouble taking one region, try taking over the one next to it and using these cores to your advantage!
  • The Independence Day achievement is available in achievement shops
  • Naomi has 2 new limited quantity bikes: the Liberty Eagle and Imperial Skull


  • The Fortune City Battle Arena was incorrectly worth 2 War Points instead of 5.

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