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May 31, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.17


  • A list of all status effects on each player is now shown in battle
  • The current player's turn is now highlighted instead of being announced in battle
  • You now get a confirmation when deleting mail
  • Can now choose whether to search mail by Subject, Sender, and/or Message
  • Seasonal Celtic, April Fools, and Bunny rares removed


  • Spores no longer drop
  • Static Smash description was too long
  • Muted players are no longer able to send mail
  • Fixed an issue where Brachylagus, Mr. Cottontail, and Capensis could be selected but not bring up dialogue
  • The client now alerts a player during retrains if they do not have the proper skill prerequisite instead of kicking them

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