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May 24, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.16


  • New Exile / Legion packages added to the store
  • Added a mail search field (searches the sender, subject, and message)
  • Character stats page now shows Faction alignment
  • Faction Founders now have access to a "Send all" mail button for their faction.


  • Mercenary
  • This change is a first step in providing Mercenaries with more of the tools they need.
    • Atom Smasher replaced with Static Smash
    • Static Smash - Absorbs energy from the enemy as a percentage of damage done. Costs 0 Energy.

  • Static Charge
  • As an Energy-generation tool, Static Charge has fallen behind other similar skills.
    • Increased energy gain by 7% at all levels

  • Plasma Bolt
  • Both the stat scaling and the early-level damage on Plasma Bolt were a bit too high, this should bring it more in line with other tier 1 spells.
    • Base damage decreased by 1 at all levels
    • Stat scaling decreased from 3 to 3.5

  • Critical Strikes
  • This change is intended to further mitigate the impact that critical strikes can have in certain situations.
    • Minimum damage increase changed from 4-9 to 3-6 (depending on level)

  • Blood Mage
  • This change is simply to put the Blood Mage multi-target skill in the same place as the other classes.
    • Position of Overload and Plasma Rain swapped in skill tree


  • Fixed an issue preventing Davarril from being challenged.
  • Fixed missing formatting in Varium shop descriptions
  • Error messages added when clicking "Send Mail" with no buddy selected
  • Failed mail recipients are now automatically removed from the send list

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