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October 05, 2012

Patch Notes - 1.4.9h


  • New 4-key promo containing 20 hairstyles, including 3 new EbilCorp styles
  • Unlocking a hairstyle will now unlock that style across all classes. Note that not all styles are available on all classes. (This applies to all styles already purchased as well)
  • Players that had already purchased the same style on different classes have been refunded any Varium spent on the extra styles
  • 18 new EbilCorp styles (3 per class and gender)
  • New default styles to give all class/gender combinations 10 default styles
    • 2 new default styles for male Hunters
    • 1 new default style for male Mages
  • More EbilCorp henchmen have been appearing in Fortune City...


  • Eye glow on Dage shotguns


If you unlock a group of styles, the equivalent styles in the other classes will not count toward the Epic Stylist Achievement (i.e. unlocking the wolf head group will only count as one unlocked style).  If you already have the achievement, you will not lose it, but it the extra styles in a group will not count toward the next tier.  Sorry for the confusion.

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