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September 27, 2012

Patch Notes - 1.4.9g


  • Chairman Platinum has shown up and brought a new level 25 and 35 promo armor: Platinum's Pride
    • Grants a new skill usable once per battle: Chairman's Fury
    • Chairman's Fury uppercuts your enemy and steals 25% of their current Rage
  • Dage the Evil has also appeared in the Minetower!
    • He brought a new bike with him: Dage's Blood Rider
    • He also brought guns with a new ability: Spreadfire
    • Spreadfire deals damage to all enemies in battle, dealing 85% regular damage if it hits multiple targets
  • Hallowarrior Achievement available in achievement shops
  • 52 Halloween-themed home items have reappeared in the homes shop


  • Massive Strike ignores 65% of defense, reduced from 75%
  • Maximum charge on Infernal Android special reduced from 150% to 140% damage


  • Defeating an NPC that grants an achievement will only show the achievement window once

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