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August 24, 2012

Patch Notes - 1.4.9b


  • Someone new is hanging around in the Barrens...
  • Return of the Draconic items (Sold by Slayer in the Barrens)
  • New Dragon's Reckoning Promo - Level 35 Dragon Slayer Armor and the Dragon Buster II Sword
  • Bionic Promo removed (Bionic Battlegear and Bio Borg are now sellable)
  • 6 new hairstyles (1 per class and gender)
  • /afk command to label yourself as [AFK]
  • 2v2 Balance Tracker



  • Blood Mage
    • Fireball : Gains extra damage every 4 Strength instead of 3
    • Plasma Cannon : Base damage reduced to 18-36 from 22-40
  • Cyber Hunter
    • Plasma Armor : Resistance reduced by 1 at all levels
    • Static Charge : Now grants energy based on actual damage dealt instead of raw damage
  • Mercenary
    • Adrenaline : Rage gain increased to 10-25% from 5-20%
  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Mineral Armor : Defense reduced by 1 at all levels



  • Players were not disappearing if they dropped out of a battle
  • Adrenaline was not awarding extra Rage in some circumstances
  • Hammer Grenades can properly be sold back
  • NPCs were unable to be stunned
  • It was possible to incorrectly lower Stun Gun's chance to stun below 1% with enough Support
  • Jumping to M4tr1x through the Item Finder would hang the client
  • Level 15 Mechachillid was showing up incorrectly
  • Trying to buy a home while looking at someone else's list could incorrectly tell you that you already own the home
  • Animation glitch with the Rusted Thunder Hammer
  • Several low level Tech Mage weapons were over-statted

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