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August 16, 2012

Patch Notes - 1.4.9a


  • The Infernal Infiltration war has ended! The Exiles have taken over the mines. Visit the bottom of the Minetower to see the outcome.
  • The Infernal Apartment home is now available for 40,000 Credits
  • Over 30 new Infernal-themed house items up for sale
  • Mechachillids are now fightable in the Mines
  • Olympic 2012 achievement removed


  • Go HERE for detailed information and discussion about the changes
  • Infernal Android
    • Old system: Starts at 70% damage, +15% per round, 160% cap (unblockable, 3 turn cooldown)
    • New system: Starts at 80%, +5% per round, 150% cap (deflectable, 4 turn cooldown)
  • Assault and Rusted Assault Bot
    • Debuff reduction lowered from 80% to 65%
  • Azrael's Borg
    • Buff reduction lowered from 80% to 65%
    • No longer reduces Bioborg's Thorns effect
  • Bioborg
    • No longer affected by Azrael Borg's Special
  • Pyro Fly
    • Increased damage on special attack from 65% to 80%
  • Baby Yeti
    • Special is now unblockable
  • Gamma Bot
    • Special is now deflectable instead of blockable


  • Maximum buddy and inventory slots were calculated incorrectly when purchasing more slots
  • Using a bot on a cursed opponent will no longer shrink the bot
  • Can no longer purchase Experience Boost if you are maximum level

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