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June 15, 2012

1.4.6 Patch Notes


  • Major updates to the Faction system (Details below)
  • New mission to turn all your blueprints from previous missions into a shop key on Silas (Legion) and The Lawman (Exile)6
  • This new shop key gives access to an Alignment-specific shop with level 35 weapons, including 3 Credit-only Swords, plus a Varium Staff, Blade, and Club.


  • Exit battle screen appearing without clicking the exit button
  • A number of kicks related to various weapons and armors with special effects
  • Several items animating outside of battle
  • Losses not counting towards win percentage on daily leaderboards until you win your first battle of the day
  • Hourly and daily messages would queue up repeatedly if a server was offline



There were a major set of changes this patch to Factions in order to simplify and update the system to work nicer with active battles like Frysteland and the upcoming Infernal Infiltration War.

Everything is now centered around Influence. You will have your own Personal Influence, and your faction will have a separate Faction Influence. The following actions grant Influence:

  • 1v1 Win - 5 Influence (Personal and Faction)
  • 2v2 Win - 15 Influence (Personal and Faction)
  • Juggernaut Win - 15 Influence (Personal and Faction)
  • Flag Capture - 150 Influence (Faction)
  • Alignment Victory - 250 Influence (Faction)
  • Faction 1v1 Champion - 1000 Influence (Faction)
  • Faction 2v2 Champion - 1000 Influence (Faction)
  • Faction Jug Champion - 1000 Influence (Faction)
  • World Domination - 2500 Influence (Faction)

Personal Influence
Everyone will have a Personal Influence total on your stats page that will never reset. Your starting Influence was determined by your wins with your current faction and a percentage of your War Kills from faction cannons. There is a new leaderboard for All-Time Personal Influence.

Your Faction will also have a Total Influence amount that never resets. This number replaces Score in determining your faction's level. There is a new leaderboard for All-Time Faction Influence.

World Dominations are now determined by your Faction's "Daily Influence" which resets at the end of each day. Only the top faction for the Alignment that wins that day will be given a World Domination.

Daily Faction 1v1, 2v2, and Juggernaut Champions will be awarded in the same way as before, as will Alignment Victories. There are new leaderboards for Daily Faction Juggernaut Wins, and for All-Time Faction Juggernaut Champion points.

Flags now require 250 Influence (instead of 50 wins) with your faction in order to make a token deposit on them.

Also, the faction that controls the flag will now be taxed 100 tokens (up from 50) per hour.

Finally, to help prevent scamming, if a member that was active within the last 30 days is kicked out of a faction, any tokens they have contributed while in the faction will be taken from that faction's TOP flag (up to a max of 10000 tokens). This replaces the old Influence tax that was applied for kicking a new or active member. If a player has been inactive for more than 30 days, there is no penalty for kicking the player.

Faction Cannons
Faction Cannons have been disabled for now to give us time to fit them into the new system.

Exile/Legion Wars
Wars (such as Frysteland and Infernal Infiltration) will now award Influence. These will be designed to provide more Influence than normal to incentivize participation in the war.

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